Week 19, Day 2

it’s a boy

After a long and painful 5 months of anxiously waiting, we now know for sure that baby tiger is a boy. The ultrasound showed without a doubt that the kicking and punching bundle of joy inside my belly has a set of twig and berries and baby tiger was not shy in the least in showing us his treasures. I would post the ultrasound pictures, but baby T might not appreciate it too much when he’s old enough to read mommy’s blog and see his newly formed jewels plastered on the internet. However, the best part of knowing the sex, we can now prepare for baby tiger’s arrival and stop calling him – “it”.

It has definitely been a long journey for me already. Being sick with hyperemesis gravidarum for the first 5 months kept me bed ridden for nearly 4 months and down 25 lbs. Now in my 2nd trimester, I hope to be able to capture some great moments away from the porcelain bowl and really begin to enjoy my pregnancy.

19 weeks in, I’m starting to eat a little more. I’m drinking more of a variety of drinks but still no water as I can’t stand the taste of H2O. My hot sausage stick cravings and lemonade cravings are still pretty strong although I’ve been cutting down on my sausage intake as I’m sure it’s not the best thing for my health. I feel baby T move a lot more and with that joy comes the pain of constant back aches, and headaches which seem to be a never-ending story with me. Not sure how common it is, but the one thing I can’t stand is the hair growth. I’m not talking about my hair growing longer faster, but … apparently mothers carrying boys can have unwanted hair growth during pregnancy and my unwanted hair growth has a mind of its own popping up in all sorts of interesting places. I feel like a baby gorilla. Not far off from planet of the apes and keeping this unwanted growth under control is quite frustrating, although my husband finds it quite amusing for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this?


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