Nursery Ideas

As a designer, the look and feel of the nursery where I will be spending most of my time in the next 4.5 months is where most of my attention is at now that we’ve found out baby tiger’s sex. Since my baby tiger won’t know the difference between an Eames rocker or a baby blue room vs a pink one, really the nursery design is mostly for me. A place that I can feel at east and comfortable and a place where my baby tiger can rest his head and feel safe.

Here are a few great nursery photos I found very inspiring.

The mother and designer of this beautifully designed nursery said ” If people have the possibility and the inclination to have a baby room that can also be functional into toddlerhood but not necessary until the kid is 15, then parents should go for it. Babies and toddlers are magical and they (as well as their parents) should enjoy that stage as much as possible without rushing the whole thing”. I agree. One thing I love about this room is that it has a day bed instead of a rocker or glider. I’m leaning more towards a love seat sofa or a daybed myself in my tigers nursery. That way I can comfortably stretch my legs if I need to and take a nap šŸ™‚ Plus I can have girlfriends come sit with me and chit chat while I feed or put my baby to sleep.

This nursery was designed by dad! Wholly designed by dad! Daddy Lee does not have a single designer/creative bone in his body so when I saw this creation I was very impressed. I must say it is a very boyish room, but the fact that he took into consideration spacing, comfort and design is impressive to say the least.

I love the brightness in this space!


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