Prince Lionheart’s Silicone Bottles

I plan on breastfeeding my baby tiger for the first 6 months give or take, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want some assistance with feeding time here and there. That’s why I’ve been in search for a really good baby bottle for infants. Babies who have been breast-fed their entire lives (or up until their 6th-7th month) have a really hard time transitioning to bottles later on. I guess it’s the texture and feel if not the altered taste of milk. So instead of transitioning my baby from breast to bottle months down the line, I want to mix it up from the beginning so he’s used to both right away and take to both naturally. I’m not talking formula milk rather I’ll pump my breast milk into bottles as necessary and on the odd days that I’m too tired or not available to breast feed, daddy Lee or anyone else can simply pick up a bottle and feed breast milk to the baby as well. This not only gets the baby used to sucking from a bottle, but also allows me not to be the only depended feeder.

That’s when I came across these silicone bottles by Prince Lionheart. As a mother who wants only the best and safest products for my baby, I was very impressed when reading reviews on the first silicone baby bottle. It’s an option for those mothers who do not like glass or want to ditch plastics altogether. Starting at about nine dollars a pop, the price point is very similar to other BPA free bottles, maybe a bit more affordable. Made with medical grade silicone, it is considered more safe than any polycarbonate or bottles made out of synthetic materials. According to Twilight Moon, one of the suppliers for the bottle, “The plastic ring, collar and cap are made of FDA-approved food grade material and contain no polycarbonates or BPA”. It is supposed to be colic reducing but all the baby bottle companies make that claim; it’s hard to really know for sure. So take that with a grain of salt. However, other reasons why you might want to consider Prince Lion Silicone Baby Bottle:

•it’s made from medical grade silicone making it hypoallergenic
•it’s BPA, phthalate, PVC, latex and lead free
•unlike glass bottles, it’s unbreakable (and lighter)
•it can be used in the microwave*, freezer and dishwasher
•we like the gender neutral color choices: white, grey or orange
•it collapses while feeding which reduces bubbles making it more comfortable for the baby eliminating spit ups

And as someone who likes pretty things, I have to say that it’s one of the best designed bottles I have seen in, very modern and minimalistic. A moot point for most but for those moms who are design oriented or fashionable; it could be your bottle of choice. Something you won’t cringe taking out of your very “un-baby like” diaper bag. Apparently, it’s the closest thing to natural breast-feeding so I instantly had to check these bad boys out and so far it’s on my baby shower registry as a must have!


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