Week 20, Day 3


5 months and I’ve had only 3 major cravings! Outside of lemonade and dried spicy pepperoni sticks, my third craving is now Mmmmmothers Dumplings. After a early Easter Sunday service downtown, 2 of our couple friends met us at what we thought was Mothers Dumplings, the best dumpling house in Toronto. Little did we know, Mothers they moved locations and the old location we went to was now under new ownership. The new dumplings at the old location were ok, but they weren’t mothers!

Now that I’ve had a taste of the hot, savory dumplings, I’m craving the real thing. I want fresh homemade mothers dumplings.

If these images don’t get your taste buds dancing I don’t know what will. Someone, anyone, want to do a night out at Mothers????


One Response

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy.It only natural to have this kind of cravings, Expect to get more and more cravings. (I wish your husband all the luck on finding your cravings)… 🙂

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