Week 21, Day 5

Hand Me Downs

Even though this is my first pregnancy, unlike most soon to be mothers out there with their firsts, I’m as frugal as it gets which means in any area that I can cut the cost of preparing for the arrival of our precious miracle baby, I will. I still want only the best for our baby T but I want to be smart about it. So, imagine my surprise when I came across a website dedicated to hand me downs.

Handmedowns is the ultimate money saving marketplace for moms!
If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the concept behind their site. “Looking for ways to spend less, save more, make some extra cash, recycle, gain some time and maybe even make the world a better place along the way.” Well, that’s what inspired their site!

It’s a website where parents can buy, sell, swap, or even give away for free their gently used children and baby goods. We know how your kids grow out of things in what seems like the blink of an eye and sometimes, before they’ve even used things at all! So this site wanted a family friendly atmosphere too where we could find the best strollers, toys, maternity clothes, childcare services, jobs, photographers, party planners, or whatever an active mom might need, from the home of another caring family. Think of it as classifieds made just for the busy but savvy mom.

Fortunately I have a very large extended family with cousins and friends who are in the stages of early parenthood. Just from gathering hand me downs from them would suffice but knowing that there is a site like this for parents out there for moms and or dads without friends or family to gather goodies from, makes things a lot easier on the wallet. I’ve already started collecting baby goodies. My sister and in-law has 2 sons, ages 2 and 6 months and she has given me their crib mattresses, baby bouncer seat, infant car seat and so many more. The only thing we’re purchasing brand new is the crib and stroller which are gifts from my parents. Although I have to admit, the day we found out our baby T was going to be a boy, Papa T and I purchased a small little celebratory outfit for our baby. A couple of onesies and cute little shoes. 🙂

Everyone keeps telling me everything we need we’ll end up getting at our baby shower so to just wait and see. And whatever we need after all the hand me downs, to put on the registry and if we don’t get it all at the shower then to purchase. Most of my family and friends had left over goodies and even made some extra cash since older Asians are notorious for giving cash as gifts. Speaking of showers …. that’s the next to do on my list. I don’t have any sisters so my younger brother and 2 girlfriends jumped in and offered to throw our shower for us. Even though they’re throwing it for me, I want to have my say… did I also mention I’m a control freak… so we’ve been busy like bees brainstorming ideas which I’ll post about soon.


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