Maternity Photo Shoot Booked…

You know how at weddings some people have their engagement photos in a big white frame where you can write well wishes on …

Well we didn’t do this for our wedding, but I love the concept of having friends and family write down their prayers, well wishes and thoughts for the baby before he arrives. It’s something I’d like to do for our baby at our baby shower. However, I’m stuck between two ideas at the moment.

The picture frame idea. I have an extremely talented girlfriend who is also a fantastic photographer. Gee specializes in wedding photography but I know she can do fantastic creative shots with just about anything so being that she’ll be at my baby shower anyways, I asked if she wouldn’t mind taking photos for us. At the shower of course but also before hand with Edward and I, a mini maternity photo shoot if you will. She was thrilled and now I’m excited as well. Our maternity photo shoot has been booked for the end of July!

One of my favorite photographers that I follow is Caroline Tran, amongst many. (I’m a big photography fan and dabble in it for fun myself). I came across this photo she took of a mother and father in prayer for their unborn child and it brought a tear to my eye.

I would love to have a photo like this of Edward and I praying over our child with words of encouragement and prayers from our friends and family written around it. What a wonderful wall piece to look at and to be reminded of all our loved ones praying for little baby T and our new family. I’m a strong believer in the power of prayer, so anyway I can surround my child with prayers, even if it’s just written down on paper, I think it’s a great thing.

Taking the prayers on paper idea, I also thought of something like this … a take on the igno mauer light concept…

Instead of a picture and frame, how about having our guests at the shower write down their prayers, well wishes and thoughts for the baby on a piece of paper and I can create my own mobile over his crib. That way he’ll always have great powerful words of prayer and well wishes showering down on him above has he sleeps and lays. Better than staring at lambs and cute animals, no?

Either way, the maternity photo shoot is a go and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m actually really really excited to do a photo shoot with Gee. As for the 2 ideas I’m going back and forth over, I’ll discuss with the lovelies throwing my shower for me and maybe they can decide on one for me.


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