Week 21, Day 6

Hiccups in Utero

I thought I was having a little muscle spasm right next to my belly button when something a girlfriend of mine said echoed in the back of my head. “it tickles… “ she said… “like a constant tapping from the inside at the exact same spot, it tickled so much I had to laugh out loud when she hiccupped in my womb.”

That’s when I felt it again, and a few seconds later again. A soft spasm like tap right next to my belly button over and over again. I started to smile knowing that it was my baby hiccupping! Like any other emotionally charged mother to be I got all teary eyed and instantly messaged my husband on MSN. “Baby T has the hiccups, and it’s the cutest feeling in the world!”

Apparently only the more mature fetuses will hiccup, as hiccups rely on the development of the central nervous system. Yay to baby T being mature now, working out those lungs and abs. I really do enjoy all his funky sporadic movements, especially now at this stage when it doesn’t physically hurt me to have a leg or a foot thrown here and a body pushed up against me there. I love feeling him move around, but these little hiccups are something else. So distinctly different and just so cute. I really just want to meet baby T now. I’m getting more and more anxious everyday. Papa T always reminds me that he will arrive in no time and once he’s here kicking screaming and crying throughout the night I’ll remember the precious silent and sleep filled days when he was still in utero and wish he was back inside.

I’m finally really enjoying my pregnancy now.
I cooked my first dinner last night for the first time since suffering from 4 months of extreme morning sickness and already I’m thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight. I can freely move about without too much pain and my belly is big, yet not too big for it to be uncomfortable when moving about. Sigh …. I hope he hiccups again today. Hehe.


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