Week 25, Day 1

Update …

Finally, I’ve managed to put up a photo of my belly. This was taken at 5 months so about a month ago. I am quite larger now! My husband took this pic as I was walking out of the kitchen first thing in the morning so I hid my morning, crust eyed face. haha.
I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and am continuing to grow. Now at 25 weeks, I’m 3 weeks away from my last trimester. With only 3 months remaining, things are starting to feel more real and the prep work in preparing for this little boy has jumped into full gear. I’ve gained 15 lbs and I’m hoping I don’t gain anymore weight outside of the baby weight because I’m starting to feel really big! Don’t get me wrong, I feel like a woman, the sexiest and best I’ve ever felt in my skin but big non the less!

I was feeling a little under the weather last night, but this morning I woke up this with a sore throat, dry cough and a pounding headache. My normally achy body is now almost numb with pain all over and every time I open my mouth I feel like I’m swallowing shards of glass. My mom thinks I’m stressing myself out and wearing down my body… I agree.

The past couple weeks have been crazy. Trying to get some projects done for work, working with my girlfriends in prepping for my baby shower which is scheduled for the end of June, getting all our baby registry completed, looking for a place to move into for July and now preparing for mother’s day plus my mother in-laws 70th birthday! I’m tired. My body is telling me to stop, slow down and take care of myself because if I’m stressed, the baby’s stressed. As I type, I can feel baby T giving me a good swift kick … his once little flutters of movements have now become sharp and defined. I can actually see him move around visually from the outside. My stomach will contort and shift to his body movements which is kind of freaky yet fascinating all in the same. Not only can Papa T feel baby T kick, but if he pushes a part of my belly, baby T will push back.

So my question … do firs time pregnant women celebrate mothers day since techincally we are mothers now, but haven’t really mothered just yet. I’ll be surprised if Papa T wishes me a happy mothers day!


4 Responses

  1. Awww you look beautiful Jen!

    I am a few days away from 5 months so it’s nice to see what I’m going to look like! I have to tell my work soon. 😦 Not showing up much in my suits yet.

    I’m not celebrating Mothers Day for myself yet!

    • thanks jen! i’ll post 6 month pics soon … its like month 5-7 you just balloon everyday!

  2. I feel such a slummy mummy now, your purple night dress is so glam compared to my PJs (shorts and stolen hubby t-shirt). I celebrated mother’s day when I pregnant with Hannah. I was given mother-to-be cards and present :0)

    Hope you do get to celebrate and have a great time celebrating

    • I do the shorts and large t-shirt as well, but I find that dresses are just more comfortable cuz nothing touches my belly.

      I think pregos should celebrate since we are actually mothering by carrying our child πŸ™‚ hehehe…. happy mothers day yuk!

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