Linea Nigra

ok … I thought this picture was really cute with the baby’s foot outlined on the moms belly … but the line going down mom’s belly is not so cute. I’m 25 weeks in and ‘knock on wood’ I don’t have the linea nigra with no signs of it showing anytime soon. Not only that, but my inny belly button is still an inny although it’s slowly pushing out.

Moms out there, do you guys have this line down your belly yet? And if so, when did it appear? I’m hoping I don’t get it, as I’ve heard some women don’t, but a lot of my girlfriends got it during their 2nd trimester and some still have it even after their babies arrived. I know it’s because of the abdomen stretching, but does oils or lotions help prevent or prolong the linea nigra from showing up???


4 Responses

  1. I never got linea nigra last time and there is no signs of it happens this time around either. Outtie belly button freaks me out a little. Last time mine didnt pop out dispite have a huge belly, it just pushed out a little then flatten out :0)

    • Yuk – lucky you! I know some moms who still have their line years later so I’m hoping I don’t get it. I’m not looking forward to an outtie either, I hope it just flattens out too which is what my mother got with both her pregnancies 🙂

  2. Isn’t that a fake picture though? Can you really see the foot on the belly?

    • not sure if its real of fake, but it’s cute. however, yes you can actually see baby body parts push up but not like this i dont think. haha.

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