Week 25, Day 4

Decisions Decisions…

Could it be that we’ve finally found a place???

Condo searching has been a nightmare. I’m realistic, I know we’re not going to find the “perfect” place in a month that fits all our requirements, but which ones do we compromise on is the question. We have to think about it from the perspective of 3 people now … Ed and his commute to work, me and my accessibility to stay at home mother stuff and baby T and functionally whether or not the space accommodates his infant and toddler year needs. So far, we’ve had no luck. Anything on the subway line is expensive and small. Anything a little outside of the major North York central hub is larger but lacks everything else.

So yesterday, after months of avoiding the down south DVP area, we ventured out to see some units in a brand new condo called the Rosewood. We fell in love with the large 1000 sqft plus units with 2 bdrms, 2 full baths and a den BUT that’s about it. The neighbourhood is very blah with nothing really going on, not the ideal place to go out for a stroll with a child and if Ed does commute, he has to drive, although his drive would only be 10-15 mins. This means, I have no car.

What to do … what to do…

With trying to find a place taking up 24/7 of my time, I’ve had no time to concentrate on anything else including getting better since I’ve been sick with a cold since last Friday. Running around in the cold rainy weather to see condos is probably not the best way for me to get better!

I can’t believe we’re already in mid May. My next dr’s appointment is next week Friday and that’s when I go in for my diabetes, glucose testing before I jump start my 3rd and final trimester. I don’t know why, but I don’t feel as if I’m getting any bigger … but I say this with caution as I don’t want to hit month 7 and then blow up. I haven’t really been thinking about baby T either lately which is horrible to say, but until this morning when Ed mentioned how fussy he was (because he usually isn’t in the mornings) I didn’t realize it. My husband had to point out that the baby inside of me was moving a lot. My mind is not where it needs to be! I just hope and pray we find a place soon so I can start relaxing and enjoying this pregnancy again.


3 Responses

  1. House hunting is horrible and stressful. We’re renting the place we’re in but it only has 2 bedrooms, ideally would love 3 bedrooms but the thought of looking and move is just too much for me to think about. Hopefully you will find somewhere you like that is suitable for your needs. Having only 1 car really sucks. I was really lucky that my work continued giving my car allowance which allowed us to get a 2nd car.

    • Tell me about it!
      We’re renting right now too but it’s only a 1bdrm – fine for the two of us but we want a bigger place for the baby.

  2. I really hate home house hunting. There are so many house to choose but some of them are too expensive, too far to where we live.. etc etc…

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