Shower Prep


Although I have no sisters to call my own, I’ve been blessed with a design savy brother and thoughtful loving girlfriends who have stepped up to plan and throw my baby shower for me. Of course, being the control freak that I am, I couldn’t possibly let them just take the reigns on this thing and run with it, of course not … I have to be the backbone to this party planning team.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m having a boy but I’m throwing a tea party themed baby shower.

The thought behind it is really simple actually. Why not mix two of my favorite things together, tea and desserts, otherwise known as HIGH TEA, and make a party out of it! After all, baby T isn’t technically going to be there and the shower is more for the mother so I decided to do a fun summer tea party theme just for me and in honour of baby T.

I was thinking of having an assortment of teas from all around the world. Even cold teas like iced teas and korean rice tea. A buffet full of yummy home made desserts and a light buffet of finger foods and greens. Here are some great inspirational images I came across that got me really excited about my shower.

As the giveaways for the shower, I purchased 2 dozen pastel mugs and will put in them tea bags and cookies. Of course, we’re still in the planning and prepping stages as my shower isn’t until June 27th, however these are some of our ideas unfolding into reality. Gift favour inspirations …

colors, we’re thinking of soft yellows, greens and blues to make it a little more boyish.


2 Responses

  1. Its such a shame that we dont have baby showers here in England (I think people here are very supersitious and dont like to celebrate until the baby is born). I love the idea of high tea, Henely on thames where I live is rather famous for high teas. I cant wait to hear what you decide to do in the end, please post pictures :0)

  2. That’s something that scares me too … so I’m praying everything goes well but the idea of celebrating a baby and then having something go wrong, trying not to even think of that!

    So do you guys celebrate after the birth then? Like a shower once the baby arrives??? Or no shower at all?

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