Week 26, Day 1


It’s been going on for a while now, but lately it’s been getting much worse. What am I talking about, my dreams. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer but after getting pregnant I started dreaming of all sorts of weird stuff. I did the typical my husbands cheating on me dream, or the I’m having an affair with George St.Pierre dream…. but lately, it’s been off the charts.

last night I had a dream I was a monkey! and the night before that I had a dream I was a serial killer!

This will be my second day of rest and my cold is getting a little better. I just hope running around all day tomorrow doesn’t bring it all back! I can’t afford to lose another day to sickness. Also, I’m noticing that for 26 weeks, 2 weeks away from my third trimester, I don’t seem very large anymore. It’s starting to bother me … wondering if everything is ok. My drs appointment is still a week away so hopefully I grow before I hit my 7th month. Not only that, but my maternity photo shoot is June 7th just a few weeks away and I want to have a nice big belly for the shoot.

belly photos coming up soon….


My sister in law sent me an email regarding a mothers day promo at Udder Covers for a free nursing cover and reluctantly I submitted my application for one and guess what…. after work this evening Ed brings me a nice little package and inside I find my $32 nursing cover from Udder Covers which I received absolutely FREE!

This is the one that I got 🙂
It has a nice firm neckline so you can see your baby feeding. Great fabric and totally chic designs. I love it!!! Another thing I can cross off my registry. So exciting.


2 Responses

  1. The feeding covers werent around when I was B’feeding Hannah so I used a muslin or pashmina which often slipped. Yours looks fabulous and best thing is it was free! Hopefull you get a reassuring OK from your doctor, baby bump development isnt always at the same rate maybe baby bump is haveing a little rest before the final trimester weight gain :0)

    • Yeah the covers are great and they look so pretty too.
      We were out for lunch with our friends yesterday and I saw a lady using one at the resturant to feed her child, so practical and no one can see anything. 🙂

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