Week 26, Day 3

closing the gap on trimester number 2

My 6 month baby bump… slowly turned into a baby hill now into a baby mountain

We finally found a place!
It hasn’t been finalized YET, however we did find a place we both really liked, have put in our offer and have received verbal confirmation that the place is ours. It’s in central North York and the up side is we’ll be a block away from a couple friend of ours who is also expecting just a couple of weeks after me. All the stressing and searching and we finally found the perfect space for our new little family. We totally lucked out. It fits all our must have requirements and we knew we wouldn’t be able to find a place in central North York if we didn’t up our budget, however the place we found is actually below our original budget. God is good! We definitely feel blessed and feel as if this was the perfect place just waiting for us. All we have to do is finalize the little details and sign the lease.
This weekend was my cousins’ baby’s 1st birthday party. Matthew was such a happy birthday boy … loved the attention he was getting and was the perfect host to a great party. Matthew is my cousin’s second son, so when we got there, to my surprise she had 4 boxes of baby boy clothes all packed up for me and labelled. “winter”, “0-3 months”, “3-6 months” and even a box full of jackets, car seat covers etc…. I naturally assumed they were hand me downs but when I went through the boxes this morning, I found that 95% of the clothes still had tags on them, were in its original packages and the ones that weren’t looked brand spanking new! WOW. I have so many baby clothes now I actually took all the clothes that I had registered for off my registry last night. When I called my cousin to ask why she had so many new clothes never worn, she said she received many as gifts and Matthew just wore a lot of hand me downs from his brother that he outgrew a lot of his new clothes real quick and never got a chance to wear many of the new ones.

Now I think I have a lot of baby stuff already but I’m going over to another cousin of mine next week and she’s packed away a lot of her son’s stuff for me too as she has a 1-year-old boy as well. Keep at this rate we won’t need to purchase anything! 🙂 I feel so blessed.

This week is a crazy week for us. Ed is busy with company meetings all week which will keep him away from home till late at night and we even have a mid week company casino party to attend. It must definitely be summer now … our weeks sure feel like summer weeks full of this and that. I have a feeling the next couple of months are going to fly by.


3 Responses

  1. Woo hoo, congratualtion on finding a new lilly pad to live and the major plus side is that you wil have a new mommy buddy to send your time together will and its nice having mommy friends that have children the same age as yours as you can support each other.

    I too am a supporter of baby mountain :0)

  2. Congrats on all these recent joys! 🙂

    Don’t worry I have a baby mountain too – perhaps a baby continent lol

    May I asked what you registered for? My shower is in three weekends and, yes, I’m very last minute. I went with MyRegistry.com and added things from diapers.com and serena & lily and a few bigger items from BRU but what exactly do you have on your baby registry? You mentioned that you removed clothes – did anyone end up getting any cloths or did they focus on the other items such as bibs, bottles, bouncer, etc? Thanks! i just need all the advice possible! Excited but equally nervous! Ahh!

    • Hi Taylor. Congrats as well on your baby continent! 🙂 How far along are you?

      I actually received a lot of things from family and friends already, a lot of new and once loved clothes as well. In fact, I have 5 boxes of baby clothes right now sitting in my bedroom so I removed all the clothes I had put on my registry. I also received most of the big ticket items as well, the crib, stroller, car seat etc… so at this point my registry is comprised of little necessities like baby towels, wraps, a couple toys, bottles, health kit, diapers, lotions etc… all the little things that add up in the end.

      Enjoy your baby shower! I’m really anxious and excited for my shower, mainly because I get to see all my loved ones before the big day! 🙂

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