Finally Decided on a Travel Gear

GooGoo over GuGu

After months of contemplation, going over reviews, visiting baby store after store, testing out stroller after stroller we’ve come to the conclusion that …

A. There are way too many strollers out there to choose from!
B. Strollers are like cars, everyone has their own preference.

But let’s be honest here folks, the choice of strollers they had back in my parents days were limited to say the least, but they all coped. Ultimately we’ve decided that we just need to find a stroller that fits our needs, not a name or label that everyone is familiar with. So after many many hours of searching I think we found our stroller. The GuGu 042.

The GuGu was created by Canadian designers so we’re happy to be supporting a Canadian product that’s comparable to the Uppa (which was our also on our list of strollers we liked), and the Bugaboo. It ultimately came down to our needs and the GuGu 042 fulfilled all our needs without the fancy name which means no fancy price tag. Our requirements were:

1. Size – we wanted a compact full stroller without the weight
2. Telegraphic handles for adjustment as I’m 5’3 and my husband is 6’1
3. Reversible handles, not just a reversible seat
4. A seat that rises up to table height for feedings
5. Good storage space
6. Great handling for daily use
7. Universal car seat adaptor
8. Reasonably priced
9. Good sturdy fabric
10. Accessories included in the fee, not separate (leg-muffs, rain cover, bassinet)

The only down falls are that the tires are air filled where as the Cameleon and the Uppa are not. The canopy is not ventilated but is a full cover canopy and the GuGu is a fairly new stroller so there isn’t very many reviews on it, but from what we can see, it seems to be the perfect fit for us. Who knew looking for a stroller would be so difficult. This stroller is a gift from our sister and brother in law, so we’re extremely thankful! Here are some more images of the GuGu.


3 Responses

  1. Did you post any pictures of the stroller as I cant see any :0(

  2. dont know what happened there, but i re-posted the images 🙂
    we’re getting in the sand color..the first image.

    • I can see the pictures now, really nice, looks very similar to the Bugaboo and Quinny. I like the look of the Sand colour, the yellow is a little to in your face. I am thinking of getting the Joovy, it came highly recommend by Stacie (not sure if you know here from FB and LJ)

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