Week 28, Day 2

7th Month Baby Bump

PAINFUL doesn’t begin to express how hard and aggressive his movements have been these days. He not only kicks and moves more aggressively, but now he’ll shift his body and warp my belly into weird shapes. The worse is when he moves around my belly button where I had my surgery incision, that I can’t even begin to explain how painful and akward it feels. The little flutters I once loved has now become a thought of fear … but Ed loves it. He can see and feel the baby more now, but he has no idea what it feels like for me. “ouch”

We received so many more baby stuff this weekend from my cousin who’s trying to get rid of all her baby stuff now that her youngest son is turning 2. We got his infant car seat, baby carrier, tub, clothes, toys and so much more! Not only that but she gave me a handful of great books on infant foods, breast feeding and caring for an infant which she claims helped her to no end when she had her first. I guess there’s more things now I can cross off my registry! haha

Considering, I haven’t gained much weight except in my face, my hands and feet. I feel like I’m swelling up like a balloon in my face, I look like I’m always tired. I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water, especially now that the weather has turned up a hot notch but nothing seems to be helping. At least I don’t have any stretch marks still, no belly line and still an inny belly button which is slowly but surely being pushed out. I’ve started to exercise a little more these days now that I’m eating more so I’m hoping that will help. In 7 months, I’ve gained 15lbs … 10 of which is baby weight so the dr says I’m doing good and in good shape for 7 months. However, I am watching how much sugar I intake since I’ve been eating a lot of fruits. He does want me to cut the amount of fruits I eat and try to eat more veggies and high fibre + calcium and iron rich foods. Time to go grocery shop again tomorrow!!!


4 Responses

  1. Your not that big compared to other preggy moms who got really big during their pregnancy just like me.

    • Hi Sheeia, you’re right, I am not that big – but I’m swollen and bigger than I wanted to be at 7 months. But it’s ok … all apart of being a mom and as long as baby T is healthy I’m good. 🙂

  2. Lovely big belly shot :0)
    I know what you mean about discomfort near any scars, when Beanie kick low down near my old c-section scar isnt rather uncomfortable. Excellent news about the stuff from your cousin, its so lovely to get presents like that.
    In my last month I got puffy but it was due to the massive belly weight I was carrying, the doctor promised me that the swell will disappear after I give birth and it did pretty much the next day after delievery

    • Oh I’m assuming you’re having another c-section this time around too then right? Yeah, I’m hoping I don’t swell up anymore in the next 2 months….

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