Week 29, Day 1

Glucose Test Take 2

I should not have had that muffin and tea before my last glucose test, but I was just so hungry!

I had my first 3rd trimester appointment today and received the results of my glucose test. Came back a little high, nothing alarming or of major concern, but my doctor wants to be 100% sure it’s accurate as he thinks it’s because I ate before the test. I know, bad me. Now I have to go back next week and take it again, a longer 2 hr test. As if going to see my dr every 2 weeks wasn’t bad enough, for the next few weeks I’ll be going in every week!

At least baby T is healthy and strong. His heartbeat if really strong, he’s approximately 28cm now and is growing in the 90 percentile for his age. Currently laying with his head towards my left hip and his legs up by my right breast, he’s extremely active and I couldn’t be happier. My headaches have been getting worse and I’ve been cramping a lot too. My doctor wants me to try to change my eating habits since I haven’t been able to eat very healthy lately as Ed and I have been very busy but that’s definitely something I need to stay on top of. I’m chewing on some carrots right now …


One Response

  1. Hopefully your next glucose test will have better results – no muffins next time :0)
    I wonder if you could bribe someone to cook a batch of food for you to keep in the freezer for emergency?

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