Week 29, Day 3

Its Beginning To Feel Real

Not that the idea of having a baby wasn’t real before, but slowly with all my pregnant friends and family around me giving birth or just about too … the concept of becoming a mother to a baby outside my womb is starting to become a reality. I received a pin this morning from my girlfriend Jo telling me that one of her girlfriends just gave birth to a healthy baby girl over the weekend. She said that her girlfriend is still kind of weirded out by the fact that the baby is now here, outside and visible. I wonder if all first time moms go through a phase like that. I mean, the feeling of finally seeing the baby you’ve been carrying around in your stomach for 9 months finally out. It has to be such a scary yet exhilarating feeling.

On a personal note, I’ve finally found a book club to join! I’ve been wanting to join a book club, or start one up for a while now but never had the time and or knew anyone else who wanted to start one up. Last night, my cousins and I took our cousin K, who is 9 months pregnant with her third, out to get a mani/pedi and grab some Korean BBQ to celebrate one last time before her little girl made her first appearance, and we decided to start a book club. Mainly because we’re all young moms – or soon to be moms, and we need that time away to talk, have good food and an excuse to read! Our first meeting will be in July at which time K’s baby girl will be joining us. Then we’ll be having one every month there after at which point my Baby T will most likely be joining us as well. We decided to start off with “Three Cups Of Tea”, by Greg Mortensen …. has anyone read this book???


One Response

  1. My whole birth experience with Hannah still feels surreal for me and it took a few days for me to start coming around to the idea that I was a mum now. Even to this day, there are times at I look at Hannah and think ‘wow, I am really a mum and she is mine’. I guess we really wanted children from the start of our relationship and we waited a long time to have her. Its scary but very exciting all round into one.

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