Week 29, Day 5

slight scare

I was just moving things around the house today, trying to organize a few things before our move next week when I started cramping a bit and had to use the washroom. To my surprise I noticed a slight discolored mucus like substance which kind of gave me a scare. It wasn’t bloody, nor was it anything big but it definitely caught my attention. I’ve been searching online and it seems as if I might be loosing my mucus plug at almost 30 weeks… is this noraml???

I don’t exercise extensively but I have been moving around a lot these days, walking a lot and preoccupied with planning our move amongst other things. I guess my body is indirectly telling me I need to slow down a bit. Hopefully it doesn’t continue and isn’t anything serious.


2 Responses

  1. If in any doubt its worth checking out with your midwife, I know they say that it is a sign of labour starting but I cant quite remember if that is always the case.

  2. I have an OBGYN and I dont see him till next Friday, but it stopped and the baby is moving fine so I think it was just a freak thing. No cramping or any bleeding so I’m ok … but I’ll be sure to bring it up next week when I see my dr.

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