Week 31, Day 6

And He Has A Name

We finally moved into the new place this weekend.
I’m slowly unpacking, but there’s still so much that needs to be done. Especially Nathan’s room….

That’s right, we finally agreed on a name … NATHAN J LEE. Nathan or Nathaniel is a Hebrew name in origin meaning “a gift from God” which is exactly what he is so I found the name perfect for him and our situation. Our little miracle baby, truly a gift from God.

I’ve been extremely busy with the move and we currently don’t have internet access in our new place so there’s been a lack of posts the past couple of weeks. I’ve also grown quite a bit since the last time I posted images, with only 8 more weeks left until the big arrival, I feel like I’m growing in size every day. I’ve swollen a lot, my feet look so fat and my bones just ache. I’m having a harder time sleeping, even on my side but surprisingly I’m still able to sleep on my back if I have too. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night from a sharp pain in my stomach. I couldn’t breath, my stomach was hurting and I felt so much pressure on me … I seriously thought I was going into premature labour … then I looked down to see my husband’s huge leg sprawled across my stomach as if I was a body pillow! I started slapping his thigh, trying to wake him as I couldn’t even speak or breath but more than anything I thought he crushed Nathan. He didn’t even wake, instead he just pulled his leg off and rolled over. *GASPING*…. I rubbed my stomach for awhile trying to feel for my baby and felt Nathan nudge back. He was alive! A sigh of relief fell over me and as I looked at my clueless husband snoring away, I tried very hard to hold back my fist from his face … very hard!

I have my 33wk ultrasound next Monday, going in for my 3D ultrasound imaging session as well and my maternity photoshoot next week as well! So excited. My baby shower is just weeks away, the planning has been slow but steady but the one thing I really want to have completed soon is Nathan’s room. I’m thinking of painting it yellow! I’ll be posting images of the space shortly.


One Response

  1. Well done on a succesful move – hopefully you wont have too many boxes left to unpack now :0)

    I love the name you have selected for bump – Nathan/Nathaniel are such lovely names. We chose Hannah’s name for the meaning too. We have kind of decided on a boy’s name but we’re not too sure about a girl’s name this time – it was the other way around the 1st time around :0)

    I am getting rather excited only 8 wks to go and I am looking forward to seeing 3D scan and photos, hopefully you will post them up :0)

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