Week 33, Day 4

the nursery is slowly but surely coming together. it’s a small room, but it’s definitely starting to feel cozy and warm. ed goes inside everyday, i think he’s still trying to obsorb the fact that we’re going to have a little man living in here in a few weeks.

and without further adue … let me introduce you to baby nathan…

i went in to do my 3D ultrasound at 33 wks and i thought it would be better to go in later in my pregnancy but i was wrong. the best time to go in for a 3D image is between 25-30 weeks when the baby still has room to move so you can get different angles of his face. nathan was pretty tightly packed inside me at 33 wks so we were very limited in what angles we got but he did show us some very cute stuff… he yawned, tried to shove both his fists into his mouth at one time and even gave us a smile which was all caught on DVD. definitely a memorable experience and i’m so glad we did it!

the shower is in less than a week and my girlfriends came by last night to help me put little things together. i don’t know what it is, but lately i’ve been so tired. and with this crazy heat wave we’re having, i’m constantly drinking water which doesn’t help my 2min pee sessions!

only 6 weeks remaining now and it feels a little surreal. it’s starting to hit me that i’m going to be a mother now, not just a carrier of a baby in my belly and this baby is going to be with me for the rest of my life! an exciting yet scary feeling. i didn’t think i’d get this nervous but i admit, i’m freaking out a little. ahhh……


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  1. Hi Jen…is it Shari (blu_munkie) from LJ. I also have a wordpress blog now, moved over here about a year ago!

    Congrats on the upcoming bundle of Joy. he looks adorable. I also love the nursery layout…it looks so cozy!!!!

    • Hey Shari!!!
      Thanks so much – I can’t believe how much you can see through the 3D images. I can already tell he looks a lot like daddy. I just hope he’s tall like daddy… haha.

      I added your blog to my blog 🙂 Will be dropping by often to say hi. BTW – you’re soon to be new addition is adorable, congrats as well 🙂 hehe

      • I know…a couple of my friends were hesitant to do the 3D image because of the cost but after they did it they were so happy. It is amazing how far technology has come…back when my mom was pregnant with me they didn’t even do ultrasound pictures…at least I don’t think they did.

        I will add you to my blog too!!! talk to you soon!

  2. The nursery looks fabulous! A job well done mommy, it looks like it feels really comfortable and relaxing. The 3D scans are really cool, cant wait to see the little man in a proper photo – 6 wks can either fly by or go very slowly – hopefully will fly by for you! Make sure in the heat not only replacing the water you have lost from sweating but also remember to replace the salts – I forgot and woke up with major calf cramps. The low sugar sports drinks that contain calcium, magnesium and zinc really worked but taste horrible.

    • I dont know if I want it to fly by .. .I really enjoy having him in my tummy and being pregnant. I think I’m really going to miss that.

      I get leg cramps all the time in the middle of the night, it’s been crazy. The weather here has been insanely hot – going up to past 40degrees, I even saw a lady faint on the street today while my mom was driving me home. I felt so bad, wanted to stop the car and see if she was ok but traffic was horrible and we couldn’t.

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