I was on my way to the airport to pick up my husband when no more than 2 mins on the road I felt a slight tingle in my left arm … mostly around my wrist and elbow. I brushed it off as joint pains I get all the time but then I noticed my right leg starting to tighten and cramp. I had not hit the highway yet so I pulled the car over and stopped the car on the side of the road. I sat there with my bottle of water and tried to relax my cramping leg (thank God I was wearing flip flops) and then it hit me, a tightening in my lower abs. It was a slight pressure followed by a severe striking pain. It literally took my breath away. My first inital thought … “OH MY GOSH… I cant’ be going into labor now, it’s to early!.

I drank my water and tried to breathe it away. It started to settle a bit and prayerfully I started the car again and pulled out on the road when it hit again … there was no way I was driving to the airport like this, so I turned the car around and went back home. I messaged Ed and told him to taxi it home because I was in no condition to drive. He freaked out a little asking if I had to go to the hospital but I knew it wasn’t hospital severe so I told him no and that I would meet him at home. Good thing too … apparently the highway express lanes were closed and if I had gotten on the highway I would have been stranded there in pain in the car alone on the highway … !

So I’m home now. As told by many when you have false contractions, drink some water and lay on my left side and so that’s what I did after I stripped down. The pain is slowly going away but my joints are still aching. I know my little one has turned and is pushing down on my pelvis but man this was so unexpected, it startled me. Does this mean I could go into early labor??? I go to see my dr on Friday so he’ll tell me then how much Nate has dropped and how dilated I am if I am at all. Maybe he will make an early appearance. Just hang in there 3 more weeks Nathan … I want to be sure I carry you full term and that you’re fully developed so you can breathe well on your own. Just 3 more weeks ok Nathan! Then you can show your beautiful face … or better yet, wait the full 6 weeks so mommy can finish preping for your arrival!

It felt so real for the first time this entire pregnancy! He’s coming ….


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