Prep Prep ….

The shower is done and over with and it was great. The one person I REALLY wanted there is my closest cousin and friend but she couldn’t attend because she’s stuck in the US with her 22 month old. “E, you were terribly missed!” … but being the sweet heart that she is, she sent me a little gift which arrived last night at my parents place. I want to go over and pick it up, but I’m on strick bed rest this week which totally sucks! The weather is so nice, the sun in shining and I’m stuck indoors at home all alone.

So I look into the nursery and see piles and piles of gifts in the tiny little room I need to sort through and put away. I did a little show and tell for Ed on all the wonderful and generous gifts we received this weekend and he loves them all. Not sure what most of them are, but he’s grateful and loved them all. The thing is, after the little scare on Monday, I feel like I really need to start prepping and finalizing things. So I’ve made a list of things I still need to get and get done…

1. Pack my hospital bag – JUST IN CASE I have another episode and this time it’s for real!
2. Clean up the nursery and put all Nathan’s things away in their rightful spots
3. Wash the remainder of his clothes that I haven’t washed and hung up
4. Get the stroller
5. Pick Up a Baby Monitor … I thought we’d get this for our shower but we didn’t
6. Pick Up some diapers
7. Pick Up our infant car seat
8. Pick Up a Safety Grooming Kit
9. Pick Up our camera …. 🙂

And then I think we’re done! Once all the above are in place I’ll feel more comfortable with the idea of Nate arriving. So much to do for such a little guy! My little cuz came by last night and she’s currently 3 months pregnant. She’s already freaking out about the whole giving birth and labor part of her pregnancy but after my little scare on Monday, I realize it’s not the pain that I’m afraid of, it’s the being alone when it happens part. I’ve been praying lately that I go into labor at night when my husband is with me or on the weekend so I’m not alone. I know in terms of timing, I still have 5 weeks left until I hit 40 weeks, but I just feel like this baby can come any day now and so every day I’m walking on egg shells.


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