Week 35

Mrs. Julia Roberts has one, and now so do I~

My cousin who lives in CA sent me the Ergo Baby Carrier in green and put a HUGE smile on my face! I actually have 2 other carriers, an organic one from Korea which is great and the baby bjorn which I also received as gifts, but the Ergo is the one I really wanted! Now, what do I do with my other 2 carriers … pass it down???

Week 35 today – just got back from the hospital for my weekly appointment and baby Nathan is completed upside down now. He still has to drop a little more but he’s a good weight and is prepping nicely to make his appearance. My Dr warned me to stay off my feet as much as possible because he still wants Nathan to stay inside for as long as he can as he still needs to put on some more weight and go full term if possible. He doesn’t see me delivering early, but then again, stranger things have happened so he says. Otherwise, baby is doing well and me … the pains I’ve been feeling, the aching joints, constantly being tired, lack of sleep and the discomfort of being so big now … I’m doing well 🙂

Because daddy has a running shoe fetish, he’s starting little Nate on this path already as well. I’m a sucker for cute shoes so I’ve done very little to discourage this little collection… here’s what we’ve been eyeing!

… omg … way too cute!!!


2 Responses

  1. We have 2 ergos and dh loves carrying ds in it. I preferred to use ring slings. But to each his/her own. 😉 For some really cute baby shoes, my faves are shooshoos. I think their site is http://www.shooshoosusa.com 🙂

    I don’t know you but commented on another post and came across this one too so thought I’d comment 😉 Babywearing is great! Lots of good bonding time!! Congrats 🙂

    • Yes I actually love the ring sling … very chic as well! You can have 2 baby carriers right… LOL
      Thanks for the link to ShooShoos, they look very much like Robeez!

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