Baby Boy Styles

My girlfriend had her baby shower for her soon to be little girl yesterday afternoon and after going to my first baby girl baby shower, I was just blown away by how cute little girls outfits are. Made me want a little girl so badly … just so I can put her in cute little outfits, have shopping spree dates with my daughter, salon dates, nail dates … girly chit chat dates, talk about boys and …. well things I can’t really do with my son. Everytime we see a little girl, my husband and I just ohhh and ahhh at their girly cuteness and melt!

Don’t get me wrong, we’re EXTREMELY excited and happy and over the moon about having Nathan first! I always wanted a boy first, but next … yes we’re already thinking of a next … we really do have our hearts set on a girl. Although we do want another boy as well … LOL. To be completely honest, I don’t care – as long as we have healthy kids who grow up healthy and strong and happy! But we do want a larger family and kids running around here and there for as long as we can and a little girl in the mix would be nice!

But back to the girly outfit thing … seeing all the cute little girly outfits made my heart melt a little and with all the “ohhh…so cute’s” and “omg – that’s adorable’s”, I came home and started looking for cute boy outfits so I can get the same reaction looking at boy clothes! Although girls have more accessories, boys do have their share of wonderfully cute and styling outfits. Here are a few of my favorites! Hats are a must… so cute!


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