Goodies for Mommy

While packing my hospital bag, I just realized I don’t have anything to wear at the hospital. I’m sure the hospital will give you their wonderfully designed butt showing blue gowns that fall off every which angle, but even when I’m recovering – I don’t have anything comfortable that I can change into and come home in. That’s when I came across these cute Peanut Shell Hospital Gowns.

They’re not only cute, but totally functional as a hospital gown for comfort while delivering and easy to remove and breast feed while recovering. With adjustable sleeves, easy clip breast covers and a loose light weight cotton fit to flatter any new moms post delivery body.

I also love sling carriers, but find them to be so expensive. Not anymore… Lucky Baby Slings on Etsy is having a summer sale and all their wonderfully designed graphic reversable slings are on sale for under $30!

The one thing I love about the Lucky Baby Slings are that they need no adjustments. No rings, ties, knots, pulls nothing. It’s a simple get your size, pull it over your body and away you go! I think I would use a sling like this more during Nate’s infancy than our Ergo carrier. And it’s just so much more convienent too. Through it in the diaper bag and off you go. These 2 are definitely on my must purchase list!


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  1. I love the white / orange / brown Hospital Gown and the slings are adorable. I love Etsy! I always find the cutest things on there…that is usually where I buy my Christmas gifts.

  2. I am a homebirther, bit my plan b was a hospital and in my birth plan I said I wanted to wear my clothes at all times, and they accepted it. I was planning to wear a skirt, but luckily homebirth went great and I didn’t go to the hospital.

    I have one of those slings, i don;t like it much, specially not te second time round when I had a toddler running around, because they are not really hand free, you have to hold the baby when bending over and stuff like that.. and some babies don;t like to be that tight. My favorite for newborns is the moby wrap, very easy to use,, totally hands free, babies love them and you can find cheap ones.

    • Wow… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to give birth at home, but I don’t think I could ever do it. The idea of not being in a place where a doctor has drugs and all sorts of hospital gear ready at hand would scare me to death, but I applaud you!

      I don’t think I’ll use the sling if I had a toddler around either as much, unless of course my husband was with me taking care of baby one and I of baby two.

  3. I havent even started to think about my hospital bag yet but I have finally order a stroller and carseat for bump – we spoilt ourselves an splashed out on the iCandy Pear :0)

    I am not a big fan of the slings for babies, we used a baby bjorn carrier for Hannah and it worked really well for both of us as the strapps adjusted really easily and quickly for myself and Hubby who is tall like your hubby. Wait until Nate arrives and take him with you to try out the different styles of slings and carriers around – it was the best bit of advise we were given by Mothercare when we were preparing for Hannah’s arrival.

    • ohh… the ICandy strollers are so chic, too bad we don’t have any here in Toronto =( Let me know how you like it. I think it’s a great double stroller from what I’ve read on it.

      We have a Bjorn as well which we received from my cousin but right now we have 3 carriers so we will definitely try them all out and see which ones we prefer to use. Having choice is always a good thing! hehe

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