Week 35, Day 5

Braxton Hicks

My final weight gain has and is taking place. My belly button is only now starting to push out and I can feel the substantial weight difference hanging off of my belly which is the most weight gain throughout my entire pregnancy. However, because I was so sick the first 5 months of my pregnancy, I’ve literally only gained 5 lbs my entire pregnancy from my original weight pre-pregnancy. Dr. wants to see me gain at least another 4-5 lbs before the little guy arrives if he arrives closer to my actual due date. Now I can say I’m one of the moms who only gained 5-10 lbs my entire pregnancy! haha.

Nate’s growing as well, I can feel the difference in his movements from the lack of room in my womb and his head has descended into my pelvic. Last night, I had another episode of Braxton Hicks Contractions, this time much worse and more painful than the first. Sharp shooting pains up and down my vagina with the baby pushing and shoving followed by cramping in the lower abdomen slowly moving its way towards my lower back. It lasted a few hours off and on so you can imagine how comfortable I was trying to fall asleep last night!

After a few tries, bumps, scratches and bruises … last night, we successfully installed the baby car seat and on Friday, mom, bro and I are finishing up the last purchases for baby Nate. Hopefully we will have everything we need then and we’ll be fully prepared… now, if I can just finish packing my hospital bag instead of packing and re-packing. Nesting is starting to tire me out!


3 Responses

  1. BH contractions are rather annoying but I am coping with them better this time around. Nesting hasnt kicked in yet hopefully it might soon not long to go for me or you :0)

    • Have you started contractions already … wow. How far along are you now??? Contractions scare me.

      • Braxton Hick contractions not the real contractions – didnt mean to scare you, bump has been told that cooking time isnt over yet.

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