Week 36, Day 4

I NEED S L E E P ….. 

I feel her pain!
The lack of sleep and rest I’m getting is starting to wear me down and play on me physically but also emotionally. With only 3 weeks remaining, in my 9th month and final month, the past week has been the hardest my entire pregnancy. Even harder than the first 5 months of non stop vomiting. At least I could sleep! I’m constantly tired but can’t fall asleep. My belly is so big and so hard now that catching my breathe is a workout and let’s not even get into walking around, or should I say waddling around, it’s like a workout and a half. My joints hurt, my back hurts and my belly is so big and so hard, so uncomfortable. No matter how I sit or how I lay, everything feels like it’s pulling on my huge stomach and every time I turn, the baby makes a fuss inside and starts to kick at all my internal organs. I know he has no room now so I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must be in my belly with me shifting and moving every which way.

The worst is at night when I’m struggling, hot and sweaty, and extremely uncomfortable in pain and I hear next to me snores. I look over and see my husband oblivious to my pains, my discomfort sleeping away … snoring … peaceful. I want to punch him in his face!

The pillows don’t help anymore, in fact they just get in the way now. However, if I don’t use at least one under my belly, when I lean-to the side it feels like my stomach is going to pull right off. I can’t sleep on my back anymore or I can’t breath and the constant getting up at night to go pee has turned into an olympic sport for me. I should get a medal for the kind of maneuvers I have to do to get myself out of bed at night. Legs in the air, arms swinging about trying to grab at anything to help me up, a pump start here and there and somehow after a long battle with myself, I manage to pull my huge body out of bed and into the washroom only to have to do it again an hour later. It’s probably like watching a turtle try to get off his back – FUN TIMES!

I’m so ready for this to be over!
Baby … you’re more than welcome to arrive anytime now. All I look forward to are nights of carefree sashimi eating, a glass of wine or a nice cocktail and pants that don’t require elastic up to my breasts! I want to wear heels again, and I want to dye my hair. I want to walk again without swaying side to side but most importantly, I want to sleep … sleep on my back, on my side, on my belly … any which way I desire!

Everyone kept telling me the last month would be the hardest – my mother laughs at me, says this is all apart of becoming a mother. The crazy part is, after all that’s said and done, I’m going to want to do this all over again!


3 Responses

  1. Hahahah, I laughed so much reading your latest entry I had tears rolling down my cheeks – I know exactly how you are feeling, I was like that with Hannah, the only way I can get some sleep was sitting in the arm chair. I have 6 weeks to go with bump and I am feeling the way I felt in my last month already. The hot humid nights are not helping. The first I will do after giving birth is have a massive feed of sushi :0)

    • hehe… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and look at you, doing it again! 🙂 I actually do fall asleep better in the nursery sleeping in the arm chair but Ed doesn’t like me sleeping in there. He has no idea! Oh — HOT HUMID HAZY… not a pregnant ladies best friend! I have the AC blazing, Ed’s shivering under the covers and I’m naked still sweating!

      Wish you were here – we could sushi it out together! hehehe! hang in there momma … we’re almost home free.

  2. LOL~ this is so funny to read…i could understand how u feel..
    i also went thru all that..i was so uncomfortable…i was actually counting days for my baby to come out. But some people were telling me back then, that it’s the easiest when the baby is still in the stomach. I kinda realize that’s true..but atleast i could freely move my body! Anyways…you are almost there now..just hang in there.

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