The Ultimate Battle between ….


Mom’s… which do you prefer?

I’ve been told that Huggies has better leakage protection for boys and Pampers for girls, but everyone I know, whether they have a little jack or a little jill use Pampers. I was originally leaning towards Pampers myself, until I came across the Huggies Pure and Natural.

The Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers are designed to be the disposable diaper’s answer to cloth diapers. And as a mom to be who originally wanted to use cloth diapers I really fell in love with this concept. The goal is to be gentle on baby’s skin with the convenience of a disposable diaper. Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers do this by using organic ingredients, particularly paying attention to the cotton that they used. In addition to what is added to the diaper, Huggies tried to pay attention to things to avoid. One big problem that many parents have with popular disposable diaper brands is the perfumes added. The Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers has no perfumes. They also have very few inks used in the diaper, as evidenced by the very mute designs on the diapers. The diapers are supposed to be hypoallergenic to avoid any signs of diaper rash or even irritation at the edges with the elastic. The interior of the diaper also has added aloe and vitamin E.

The only con I notice – they’re so hard to find!


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  1. hey jenn! it’s lily! i found ur blog link on ur fb 🙂 i’ve used pampers from day one…but only because everyone and their mommas used/uses pampers. before i had kane i asked everyone i knew who had babies and they all said pampers were better (softer) so i just went with pampers and i have no complaints yet. swaddlers are super soft (of course lol) cruisers are softer than baby dry’s but i prefer baby dry’s now cuz they do really hold alot more pee than cruisers. but you don’t have to worry about cruisers/baby dry’s for another few months! 😀

    • oops pressed post before i finished.

      u should try both and see which one you like. butt if the huggies are hard to find then that would be a pain in the butt cuz the first few months you will have to go through ALOTTTT of diapers and if the huggies are an inconvenience to get then that would suck! no time to be running around different places. i remember i really liked pampers swaddlers though. try them bothh if you can!

      • Hey Lily … thanks for the advice. I think I might just do that and try both to see which works best for the little guy! 🙂

  2. I love Pampers but what you can do is go online and sign up with all the nappy companies and they are more than happy to send you samples of their nappies and wipes plus vouchers. Hannah was allergic to the Huggies wipes and the same lotion is in their nappies so pampers it was but I found the Johnson & Johnson wipes worked best for Hannah. She never had nappy rash until she started teething at 9 months old.

    • That’s a great idea! Anything free I’m all over! LOL
      I’m trying to use everything as organic and natural as possible, especially during the early stages of the little guys life when his skin is so sensitive but you pay for that with $$$ so anything free or any samples I can get I’m all over it! =)

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