Week 37, Day 5

Discomfort Taken To A Whole New Level

Last night has to have been the worst night ever.

I started off in the bedroom but couldn’t find a comfortable position any which way I lay so I moved to the nursery with 3 pillows to try sleeping in the arm chair upright. It worked for about an hour then the little guy started to act up again and sitting became painful. I moved myself and my pillows to the living room and lay sideways on the sofa with the pillows surrounding my mid section. That worked for a couple hours before I had to pee and couldn’t get off the sofa for the life of me. After a few minutes of struggling while holding in my pee with the baby pushing up against my bladder I finally managed to wiggle my way up and into the washroom. I noticed I was wet! I had sweat so much my body and my hair was literally damp. I turned up the AC and went back into the bedroom where my husband was peacefully sleeping in the middle of our bed. I nudged him to move over, he didn’t move. So I pushed his 205 lbs frame and then just started poking him … he eventually rolled over and I slid in. I could feel the AC blowing down on me and it felt like a breath of fresh air. I tried to position myself so my stomach wouldn’t feel like it was ripping off me and then finally at around 4 am I was able to fall asleep.
Only to wake at 5, then 6, then 8 ….

I’m so tired right now, I don’t know how I’m functioning. At 38 wks in, shouldn’t the little peanut be moving around less because there’s less room to move? I swear, he’s more active and more alert than ever before. Moving around so much and so painfully now that I’m afraid he’s going to rip right out of my stomach on his own!
If you hear on the news that a baby delivered himself by ripping his way out of his mothers stomach with his 2 bare hands, know that it’s our Nate.


2 Responses

  1. clock watching is the worst part of pregnancy, I totally forgot about this bit until now…….I think it is mother natures way of preparing us for the sleepness nights of newborn feeding.

    • yeah a cruel joke mother nature!
      it’s bad enough we wont be able to sleep when the baby arrives, i’m not feeling the prep. hehe

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