Week 38

9.5 Months

Not the most flattering picture, but this is what my belly looks like at 38 wks. It’s huge! And man is it round! Forget the watermelon, it looks like I swallowed a basketball! I didn’t think I’d get any bigger but for some reason, middle of this week I woke up and felt my stomach was a lot heavier. Not only that but it’s dropped and my bellybutton has pushed out. I have little red bumps on my stomach from scratching it so much, to the point where I make them bleed but no stretch marks, or anything majorly hideous. With 2 more weeks remaining I hope I don’t get any bigger.


8 Responses

  1. i loveee ur baby bump!!! :)))) not really a bump anymore though hehehe ur belly is so nice and round! mine was a wierd warped lopsided kinda round lol basically a very ugly round. urs is sooooo round and sooo cute. u don’t really have a dark line going down hey? i forget what it’s called starts with an n?

    • Nice I don’t know… but definitely round! LOL
      When Nate starts his little action man moves inside, my stomach gets all weird and warped as well. I know … I don’t have that line which is weird cuz most of my gf’s had it.

  2. Awwww…the baby bump!!!!! Any yes your friend Lily noticed the same thing I did…you don’t have the dark line (Linea Nigra) on your stomach. Most Asian women I have seen always tend to have that line.

    • more like the baby mountain! haha
      i’m actually glad i don’t have the line, some of my gf’s couldn’t get rid of it after they had their babies so i’m glad i don’t have the line, a popped belly button and any stretch marks to date 🙂 just nasty little red bumps …

  3. wow wee bump-ilous, 2 weeks and counting before we get to meet the little man himself. I will find out in 2 weeks if bump will be delivered naturally or sun roof. Home stretch here we come….a much more comfortable if still short sleep and sushi!!!!!

    • Why would you have to go in for a c-sec?
      Whatever you have to do, I hope you have a safe, quick and painless delivery with a quick recovery. Especially since you’ll have 2 to care for!

  4. You have no line!! I have a line, it’s pretty dark I think. Lucky!! They say that the line is darker when you are bearing a girl.

    • They say the line goes away after you give birth so hopefully yours goes away 🙂

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