Week 38, Day 4

Nursery Update

Ok … this is the 3rd and final change to the nursery. My nesting instincts are a little out of control and Ed has forced me to stop moving things around in my condition. The nursery is tiny so there isn’t much you can do in there but functionally I think this layout works best for me. Crib and arm chair next to each other and the dresser/change table + side table next to each other. It’s still a little empty looking, no pictures on the walls, no decor on the walls just white paint but that we plan on changing after Nathan arrives. We have so many picture frames ready it’s actually quite ridiculous.

As per your request Jenny … here are some photos of the nursery 🙂 Excuse the horrible image qualities … I seriously need to get my DSLR back!

Now all I need to do is tidy up in there a bit and organize things so it stops looking like our storage room. I need to put away his diapers and fill the bookshelf with books for him, purchase a little basket to put his little toys into as they’re all laying in his crib right now, and finish putting away his baby clothes and stuff into the closet. Other than that, the rest of the finishing touches will come once he arrives such as pictures and wall decor. With less than a week left … it’s crunch time!


2 Responses

  1. The room looks amazing! Do you have a small coffee table to go next to your feeding chair? Once you start the fed its hard to move around and you maybe there for some time so a little table can house any book/magazine you want to read, more importantly the all essential bottle of water to keep you hydrated, you will be very surprised to how thirty breast feeding is. I usually drank on average 500 mls each time during a feed.

  2. I never thought about drinking during feedings … that’s a good point!
    The room is so small, I can easily put things on top of the bookshelf if I need to but a glass of water is something I plan to take with me when feeding now 🙂

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