Week 38, Day 6

If Men Are From Mars… Can We Send Them Back To Mars?

My husband has been great my entire pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, he has had his share of insensative “doi” husband moments as any man would not being able to fully understand or grasp the concept of what a woman goes through physically and emotionally during 9 months of pregnancy, but over all he’s been amazing.
He’s always there to support me and be there for me when I need him, he tries to comfort me when I’m in pain. When most men shudder at the thought of finding food cravings for their wives, he never complains once and does everything in his power to find me what I want, when I want it. He’s always checking up on me to make sure I’m ok. He has been super with finding and prepping the baby’s nursery with me and understands that I can’t do a lot of things I used to be able to do like the simple chores around the house so he does as much as he can and for everything he’s done for me I’m truly thankful! He really has been great! Who knew a 1 minute conversation could change all of that! Which brings me to the conversation we had last night…

Location, laying in bed…
Me: “can you rub my back?”
The Hubs: slowly starts to rub my lower back ….
Me: Not being satisfied, “actually, it hurts real deep, can you just press into my lower back instead of rubbing it?”
The Hubs: starts to press into my lower spine area with his fists …. and it feels great!
Me: “OMG yeah… that feels good”

Not even 5 seconds in and I feel the pressure releasing… he’s falling asleep!

Me: “can you press up higher?” trying to keep him awake so I can fall asleep first as I’m the one who has problems sleeping, not him.
The Hubs: quickly wakes and presses higher up my back firmly and it feels great.
Me: “Thanks that feels good!”

Not even 3 seconds in now and I feel the pressure releasing… he’s falling asleep again!

Me: Frustrated I say, “I need a prenatal massage, maybe I should get *insert name of my male friend* to do it for me, he’s great at massages”
The Hubs: “SURE”
Me: “Really, you don’t mind if he rubs me?”
The Hubs: “No”
Me: “Really? Even if he rubs my thighs? My hips? Naked?”
The Hubs: “Nope”
Me: curious ….. he’s never said this before. he would always say No, no one can touch you so I ask… “you don’t care if another man touches your pregnant wife?”
The Hubs: “Nope. It’s not like he’ll find you attractive, no one will find you attractive in this state”
Me: … I don’t know if I’m suppose to cry or die!

Which brings me to the point, all his hard work and efforts of being supportive, caring, thoughtful … flushed down the drain with 1 sentence! And then he throws in …. “uh… that’s everyone except me of course….”

Why is it every time I crawl my way into bed I want to punch my husband in the face???


2 Responses

  1. hahahaha boys a totally different species to us girls :0)

  2. sheesh…what a rude thing to say. I would randomly keep poking him at night in the side so he doesn’t get a good nights sleep.

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