Day 5

It’s been 5 days already since baby Nathan joined our little family turning 2 into 3. Nothing is the same and I don’t know what I was expecting, but whatever it was, it’s nothing like I thought it would be. So the Labour Story….….

Last Friday I had my weekly dr’s appointment and during the visit I noticed my braxton hicks contractions were at their worst … little did I know that they weren’t braxton hicks, they were the start of real contractions which only intensified throughout the day. My dr started examining me when he asks…“are you not feeling any pains? crampings? I told him I was but that I thought it was braxton hicks. He reassured me that they were not and that I could go into labour anytime now. His guess was within 24hours our little guy would be out with us! My heart skipped a beat… for the first time ever, it felt real, he was coming…

My mom who came with me to the dr’s drove me home and as the dr had predicted, my contractions started to get worse and worse. I thought I’d tough it out and wait till they were about 2-3 mins apart before going into the hospital thinking by that point I’d be far along in labour and dilated enough … by that evening the pain was unbearable and my husband drove me to the hospital around midnight. Contractions were about 5 mins apart and very painful. To my surprise, I was only 2-3 cm’s dilated … they told us to either go back home or walk around a bit and come back in a few hours so that’s what we did. We went to a friend’s house downtown by the hospital – I took some pills to help with the pain and 5 hours later when the pain got progressively worse and I could barely walk, we went back to the hospital only to be let down again. I had not dilated at all! We were coming up to 24 hours of contractions and pain, I didn’t know how much more I could take but reluctantly we went back home and as soon as we got in the house I was in so much pain I could barely move, talk or walk. Tears started to roll down my face, I was crying uncontrollably and everything went blank. I couldn’t think, speak … I just stood there crying unable to move from the pain and there were no stops in between… just contraction after contraction. How were we going to get back to the hospital???

After a few hours of my husband trying to calm me down, only to get frustrated himself as he didn’t know what he could do to help me, but he did convince me that we had to at least try to get back to the hospital and that he would make them admit me even if I wasn’t dilating. We went and he drove as fast as he could as I sat in pain breathing …

As soon as we got there, they checked me again and I was 4-5 cms dilated. They admitted me immediately, broke my water and gave me my epidural … then everything was gravy! Both my husband and I slept for the next 5-6 hours and when the dr came in to wake me, she told me that I was fully dilated, ready to push.

30+ hours after my first contraction … I pushed for a little over and hour and finally met baby Nathan for the very first time. My heart skipped a beat and I had a hard time not staring at him non stop. Ed got to cut his cord, put on his first diaper and hold him. But Nate didn’t cry right away and was having trouble breathing on his own so I held him for a quick second before they took him away to examine him. We didn’t get to see him or hold him till hours later when he came back to us with an iv for 48hours of examining and feeding of antibiotics. My heart broke when I saw him like that … I started to cry, he looked like he was in so much pain and I couldn’t do anything for him.

But now … 5 days later, we’re home and he’s doing great!

Everything I thought about raising a baby flew out the window when I quickly realized that nothing goes according to our plans or our wants anymore, rather everything at this point is about Nathan and his timing. For the next little while, while the little guy gets accustomed to his new surroundings and familiarize himself with all the changes in his life, we will have to happily accommodate. The first couple nights at home were hard. We had no sleep and neither did the little guy. Everything was new and scary, even handling him. But now, he’s sleeping more throughout the night, 3-4 hour stretches in a row, nursing like a champion. I’m producing a lot of milk and have had no real issues with feeding him but my nipples are so sore. They started cracking and bleeding but the nursing specialist says it’s normal. Nipples have to toughen and once it starts to toughen I’ll feel less pain, eventually no pain. It’s funny, while he feeds it doesn’t hurt unless he latches on wrong and grabs only my nipple instead of the surrounding areola but as soon as he latches off, OUCH! And the constant leaking / lactating … so embarrassing. My shirts get soaked because I can’t stand wearing a nursing bra. Especially since I nurse topless and baby naked as well so we’re skin on skin which is what the nursing specialist said we should do to connect with our baby. Skin on skin is extremely sensitive and provides a lot of emotional and physical comfort for the baby.

I’m recovering… can’t say recovering well because I don’t know what I’m suppose to be comparing it to as I’ve never felt this kind of pain before but during delivery I did tear naturally a little which required a few stitches, not a lot but I also got hemorrhoids which is annoying. Other than that, everything is slowly starting to feel routine and we’re adjusting to the changes we need to make. Ed has been SUPER, has completely stepped up to help around the house where he can and is doing everything he can to make me comfortable. He cooks, cleans, takes care of the baby at night when he can so I can sleep a bit and has not complained once about it. He definitely stepped up and is taking his role as father seriously and I’m so happy and thankful for that. I don’t know what I would have done without him…infact, he’s actually 100 times better than my mother which is something I didn’t think I would say or feel. I would rather him be with me than my mom …. weird huh!

sorry for the long entry but it’s been a crazy world-wind of a ride the past few days but everyday it gets better and I’m just happy to see my little guy. I look at him and still can’t believe that this little person was inside of me just last week, kicking my ribs and fussing around … and now, he’s looking me in my eyes and sleeping in my arms. I can’t explain it, but I’m sure you mom’s out there know what I’m feeling… a complete feeling of awe and amazement!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your birth story, even 2nd time around, I still had no idea if I was in real labour or not. Oh my goodness, I dont know what is worst c-section stiches or natural birth stiches. I am very sore, please tell me that gets better after a week. I had forgotten that my poor old nipples need to re-toughen up for breastfeed, at the moment (day 3, its rather toes curlingly painful but worth it in the end).

    Nate is so cute!!!

    • I know what you mean … I’ve never had a C-Sec, but I’ve had a laproscopy and abdominal myomectomy so I know what it feels like to recover from abdominal stiches. Now I know what natural birth stitches feel like too and I much prefer the natural birth stiches! It’s been almost 2 wks now and I’m feeling much better. Are you taking sitz baths?? It really helps if you’re not doing it, I totally recommend you do it.

      My nipples are also a lot better now too – can’t feel a thing when he latches on now unless of course he doesn’t latch properly and just sucks away on my nipple – OUCH. BTW – Ryan is so precious … so happy for you and your new extended family!!!

      • What are sitz baths? I am have just been having showers and the stitches are healing nicely. Ryan is behaving like a premature baby dispite his healthy weight and has not put on any weight since his last weigh in, so the midwife has advised a new feeding plan and hopefully by next Tuesday he will have put on weight otherwise we will have to be admitted back into hospital and we might have to stay until Ryan’s original due date – fingers crossed that the little man takes to the new feeding plan.

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