Happy 1 Week

Nathan is 1 week old today.
Can’t believe it’s already been a week since he’s been with us. Time definitely has flown by, but most importantly, I hope he has had a good week … learning, growing and adjusting to his new surroundings. So what have we experienced with him this week … ?

Experiences @ 1 Week
– He sleeps 2-4 hours at a time, wakes for feedings, changes and a few moments of awake time and falls back to sleep … this happens all day, all night. The first night I actually had a mental break down – woke up from a 1 hr nap and totally forgot who I was, where I was and what the heck was going on … It literally freaked me out!

– Nathan has had 2 baths, first one was done by my mom (grandma) who wanted to show me how to do it properly and he freaked out. The second by mommy and daddy the way I wanted to wash him and he was cool as a cucumber. Goes to show, grandparents don’t always know everything – a mothers intuition is the most important thing when handling your baby. After all, he did come out of you and is a part of you.

– He HATES the cold.

– Loves breast feeding a little too much!

– Laughs and smiles after a feeding, although I know they’re only muscle reflexes when he does it, it totally makes my day!

– His laughter sounds like a puppy yelp … so we started calling him our pup.

– Had his nails cut, actually filed down as I was too afraid to cut it with clippers. They’re so paper thin and still attached to his skin I was afraid I would hurt him. Put trying to file down paper thin nails wasn’t the easiest thing either, but he stayed still the entire time – didn’t wake from his sleep at all.

– He does not cry … a lot. I was surprised by this. He will even wake at night or from his naps and coo and stretch and fuss around in the bassinet but not cry. He only cries when he’s really agitated or annoyed, scared or frustrated.

– Like all Korean babies, he has a slight Mongolian birth mark on his butt and hip area on his backside but he also has one on his right hand. I hope that goes away.

– His eyes are staying open longer and he’s actually looking around. When daddy walks by or he sees something, his eyes will move along with whatever it is he is looking at for a slight moment, but most days he just has crazy eyes! LOL

– He loves his car seat. When we put him in the car seat, he just falls asleep – doesn’t even have to be in the car, just the car seat 🙂


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