Living Postnatal 3 weeks in

3 days away from week 3…

It feels like the longest 2 weeks of my life, yet all in the same I can’t believe how fast time is passing by. Being home alone with Nathan isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. We definitely miss daddy, but so far we’ve been just fine the two of us. We’ve had our days where he gets really fussy which makes my day really tiring and stressful, but on the most part, Nathan is a sweet, precious little boy who feeds like a champion and sleeps like a champion. It doesn’t hurt that my mom will drop by every so often to bring me food or do things for me around the house and keep an eye on the little guy while I shower. Usually, when my mom’s over, Nate just sleeps. Sometimes, I find myself staring at him sleep just in awe of his presence as it still doesn’t seem real that he’s here with us, he’s just so perfect. He looks so peaceful …… and then he’ll suddenly throw both his arms in the air with a look of sheer fear struck on his face limbs stiff and panic struck and then back to a peaceful sleep. These sudden startle reflexes scare the crap out of me. Especially during diaper changes, it’s like we’re laying him down to kill him or something. If I give him my arm or my hand to hold, he’ll hang on for dear life. It breaks my heart when he’s that frantic but I’m happy and reassured knowing that startle reflexes are all natural and a healthy part of a babies development.

We just got back from his dr’s appointment and he’s weighing in at a soild 9 lbs now! Went up a full 14 ounces since his last visit. However, he’s still a little jaundice so we have to go get a blood test done tomorrow morning which I’m not looking forward too. Needles and babies = not a good time! I hope it’s nothing serious and I hope it’s something that will go away on its own without any medication or intervention necessary.

Otherwise, I think he’s going through a growth spurt as he’s nursing every hour now. He’s been nursing well but with this sudden urge to nurse more frequently, my body is going through some changes as well to keep up with the demand. My boobs have been hurting and if he doesn’t drink on the hour, I start leaking right away. Ouch. I feel like a cow … I need to be milked.


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  1. Ryan become jaundice when he was 2 days old, I was told to keep feeds regular and make sure he got daylight. So during the day he sleep next to the window without any blinds closed – Ryan doesnt seem to mind the light too much. Its now Day 20 and his jaundice is almost gone but he isnt gain weight only maintaining, I have been told to make him feed every 2 hours with 2 formulae feeds at 12noon and 12 midnight to help him boot his weight. Jaundice makes babies sleepy so Ryan wants crying for milk when he was hungry – I was using the feed on demand method like I did with Hannah but it isnt the right method for Ryan. Hope Nate’s jaundice will go with feeding and sunlight :0)

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