Hotsling AP – Review

If you’re into slings and carriers like me, you’ll be disappointed to find out that Hotslings is now officially closed for buisness. However, several locations are still selling their slings. I’ve always kept an eye on the hotsling, but it wasn’t until the new hotsling AP came out that I really wanted to get myself one. The new Hotslings AP is an adjustable pouch-style sling that remains true to the Hotslings brand through its innovation and sleek design. The adjustable pouches are so easy to use, you can literally pull to adjust the sizing of the sling with one hand. Basically, the adjustable straps allow the sling to fit most women between 100 lbs to 220 lbs and you have the freedom to pull your baby as close to your chest as you want.

I purchased the full bloom hotsling AP which is super cute but also pretty unisex if Nathan were to ever get a baby sister. It comes folded, so no folding necessary, and padded on both sides so larger babies or babies who can support their own weight and head have full leg and back support when sitting in the sling. I put Nathan into it this morning and we went to the mall, his first outing and he loved it! Not only did he sleep like a baby in the sling, but at home he wouldn’t fall asleep so I used the sling again and he instantly fell asleep. I guess it’s the positioning of the baby plus the closeness to mom that makes him feel so comfortable. At first, I was a little worried at how his head was resting kind of weird in the sling so close to his chest. I thought he would choke or gag or not be able to breath properly but he was fine. Now I just pull him up closer to my chest instead of letting him rest down low or I pull his head completey out of the sling and rest it on the straps so I can control his head placement. Either way, I’m so happy with my new sling and I’m thrilled that Nathan loves it too!

Short walks to the corner store will be so much more convenient now that I don’t have to lug the big stroller around or fiddle with trying to get him into a full carrier which he’s currently too small for anyways.


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