Happy Labour Day Boys!

I love Labour Day!

It’s the only US/CDN holiday, the one holiday that my husband and I can spend together. Unfortunately, the day is half over now and tomorrow we go back into the usual routine. With the weather so damp and cold, I don’t even feel comfortable taking him out which means we’re just stuck at home. Last night Nate had a really good sleep. He sleeps really well when he sleeps in the bed with us, but we’re trying not to get into the habit of having him co-sleep with us. I woke up this morning, breast-fed the little guy and put him next to us in bed. He was so peaceful. I just sat there and stared at the two loves of my life sleeping so peacefully. My boys make me smile.

I realize in the photo Nathan is sleeping on a pillow. Never let your baby sleep on a pillow or any soft cushy surface without constant supervision. I only put him on the pillow because that’s the pillow I had him on while breast-feeding and I didn’t want to move him as he fell asleep at the nipple. I was awake keeping an eye on him when I lay him down in our bed and I stayed awake.

I love when Nate and Ed sleep together. I love watching the boys together. Ed doesn’t get to spend as much time with Nathan as I do so I appreciate the time he gets to spend with him, even if it’s just sleeping together.

Nathan is already into his 3rd week and he’s changing constantly. Everyday he does something or looks different. Today, I noticed he was more alert and even started at himself in the mirror for a good few minutes trying to grab at his own reflection in the mirror. He’s making more gestures to show that he’s aware of me and his surrounding and he’s even making more deliberate facial expressions which is a sign that a real smile is just a moment away! 🙂 Man … I think I’m going to melt when he smiles for real. Everyday is like a new day … he’s just amazing!


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