Sleepy Head

My girlfriend Jo bought me the Sleep Sheep by Cloud B and at first I wasn’t all that thrilled as cute as these sheep are, the sounds it makes really bothered me.

The different sounds it makes, make me think of horror movies, but lately Nate has really been responding well to these creepy sounds. We have the original version which includes 4 different sounds: ocean waves, whales, rain and a mothers heart beat. In fact, I have the sheep in his bassinet right now and he’s sleeping like a champ. This morning, he let me eat my breakfast at a normal speed without getting up to rock him back to sleep! thanks little fella. The cutest thing is watching Ed when he is trying to cradle the little guy to sleep, he’ll walk around with Nate in one arm and the sheep in another.

Now only if I can sleep like this.
I’ve been told time after time that mommy needs to sleep when baby sleeps – but what if I’m not sleepy when the baby is sleeping? Or I can’t fall asleep? Last night Nate had a light sleep night. He was fussy for a couple of hours at midnight till around 2am and when he finally fell asleep, he woke up again at 4am for a feeding, then at 5.30, then at 6.30 and then at 8.30 which left me completely worn out and very tired. The worst is watching my husband sleep in bed, snoring oblivious to what’s happening around him … mainly his wife up, tired, frustrated and totally annoyed at the lack of sleep.
I understand that my husband is tired as well from a long day at work, I mean even before Nathan arrived, he was really tired after work and fell asleep on the sofa as soon as he finished dinner so taking care of a baby after work must be a challenge for him. However, I need the help! I need him to take Nate off my hands for a few hours in the evening so I can get a breath in or better yet, a nap! So when the hubs falls alseep because he’s tired from work and he starts snoring while I’m trying to comfort our son and I’m just as tired if not more … I get so angry. At times looking at my husband sleep makes me want to pick something up and throw something at him. I’ve come close, but luckily for him … I’ve just learnt to turn around and walk into another room so I don’t have to see him.

It’s the first time in almost a month that the lack of sleep has bothered me to this length. I thought I was doing really well, that there was some magic mommy gene that had kicked in enabling me to do unnatural, inhumane things but it’s finally caught up to me. My head hurts, I’m tired and worn out. The worst part of it is that I have so much to do at home but I can’t do anything because I’m home alone. Everytime I try to do something, Nate will fuss or he’ll need a feeding since he’s feeding every hour now that he’s going through a growth spurt and that leaves me with no time, or energy to do anything else. Moms.. how do you do it? How do you get anything done around the house with an infant constantly seeking your attention? And how do you do it with more than 1???


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