Zo-Li it Up

My cousin came by a few days ago with her baby girl and when it came to feeding time, she pulled out an interesting contraption I’d never seen before. A formula/snack dispenser. I instantly fell in love with the idea of a formula dispenser and when I came across this one from Zo-Li, I had to have it!

Nathan is mainly breast-fed, but we started to top of my breast milk with formula to flush out his jaundice and now just out of pure midnight convenience, we’re sticking to a bottle of formula a day. This way Ed can feed him at night without waking me if I haven’t pumped breast milk or when we go out just out of pure convenience. The idea that we can carry around pre-measured formula along with snacks for the baby is ingenius!

Not only that, but Zo-Li has another product that I fell in love with. If you’re like me and afraid to cut your infants nails in fear of cutting their fragile skin, and filing manually is just so time consuming, then you’ll love this. Buzz B baby nail trimmer. The battery-operated Buzz B nail trimmer features four different cushioned pads, two speeds and an oscillating action that’s gentle enough for baby’s skin. I want!


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