Trick Or Treat

Halloween is just around the corner. Nate may not know what candy is, or what a costume is and what happens on halloween… but I do and it’s about time I started taking advantage of the goodies filled day again. Truth is, I’m not excited for the candy or the parties, rather I just want to get Nathan all dressed up and enjoy his ubber cuteness in silly costumes.

Ed and I were out this weekend looking at halloween costumes for Nathan, but we couldn’t find anything in his size. There’s not much out there for infants. That’s when I came across these cuties.

They’re from Sweetpeatoadtots off Etsy and they’re absolutely adorable. Haven’t decided on what to get him just yet but for halloween he’ll be past 2 months so he’ll be a little easier to dress and take around. Can’t wait! Fall season is just around the corner which means I have to look forward to trips to the farm, pumpkin patches, thanksgiving dinners and pretty fall clothes!


2 Responses

  1. Hi!

    You are too kind to mention my hats in your blog. I”m so honored. Thank you so much for promoting them.


    • Hi Cathy! They’re just fantastic! LOVE THEM!

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