Baby Belly Jelly

Jello is great, but NOT when it’s wrapped around your waist! Someone should have warned me that my stomach would look and feel like a deflated balloon after delivery. 4 weeks in and most of my baby belly fat has disappeared, but what’s remaining really scares me. A not so little pot belly that jiggles with every giggle and skin that hangs like drapes off my waist.

Much like most new moms, I’ve been told not to exercise or do anything physically stressful until I’ve seen my doctor at my postnatal appointment and have been given the GREEN light to start working out. But I can’t wait! I need to do something, this jelly belly is killing me. If you ever want motivation to start working out, have a baby. The before image may be glowing and beautiful, but trust you me, the after image is a serious kick in the butt to hit the gym.


4 Responses

  1. I hear ya on the belly jelly! I have a month old as well (my second though so I knew what I was getting into this time around) and there’s nothing like trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes and feeling like a stuffed sausage with your belly jiggling over. It’ll get better, but it is hard to wait!

    • Thanks Lauralee for dropping by and congrats on your new bundle of joy 🙂

  2. I have another 3 wks to wait before I have my 6 wk post natal check up and I hope I get the green light to excerise again. If anyone does come up with advise to get rid of the post baby jelly belly please let me know, I have jelly belly times 2

    • LOL… i hear ya! i can’t wait to start working out again.

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