Week 5 Update

the little man is 5 weeks old today.

i can’t believe how fast time is flying by. i spend everyday, all day with nate and everyday he seems to change. his face is changing, his feature are becoming more defined and he’s totally chubbing out, filling out his tiny little body frame more and more each day. today after church we went to visit grandma and grandpa lee in oakville. while sitting on the sofa, nathan did the cutest thing, he smiled and then laughed! best part of it all, i caught it on camera!

when i see him smile, it just melts my heart. knowing that he’s content is the best feeling in the world. i wish he could just sit and smile all day long everyday!

on the downside, a month in and he’s still a little jaundice. no matter how much sun we expose him too, how many times he nurses or drinks formula, his yellowness doesn’t seem to want to go away. i’m not sure how normal this is so we’re planning on taking him to the dr’s this week. not only that, but every time he feeds he’s been getting red rash like marks on his face which goes away within minutes or hours but the fact that he’s getting them is really unsettling. his nose has been stuffy since birth and he has such a hard time dirtying his diaper. he grunts, his face turns red and sometimes he starts to cry. i’ve been told that this is normal, but seeing him struggle so much to do his business bothers me since there’s nothing i can do to sooth or help him. but he’s been dirtying 8-10 diapers a day consistantly so i know he’s getting enough to eat. at first i thought maybe he was allergic to milk so i stopped eating dairy and switched his formula to a hypoallergenic / lactose free mix. hopefully the dr’s can answer some of these questions for us this week.


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