Milk Be GONE

A few days ago when I was nursing Nate, his face started to get red, he couldn’t breath, was gagging while spitting up his breast milk all over the place while trying to scream all at the same time. I completely freaked out. I didn’t know what to do and I had no idea what was going on. Seeing him in so much discomfort broke my heart and I felt absolutely helpless. That’s when things started to make sense to me…

First there were signs of small rashes around his mouth which would spread to his cheeks and eventually even around his eyes. I noticed they would appear during and or right after a feeding. A couple minutes or a couple hours later they would simply disapear as if they were never even there. But as soon as he fed again, they’d make their magical appearance. I don’t think the rashes bothered him though, he never scratched at them or was aggitated in anyway.

Then…the anquish during a bowl movement or passing of gas. His face would turn red, his breathing got heavy and he would scream and cry in pure frustration. This would go on for a while until he felt comfortable again and as quick as it came, it would go away and he would be fast asleep with a smile on his face as if nothing even happened. I wasn’t so worried about the pressure as I’ve been told infants do this during the first few months of life since their digestive systems airn’t fully developed yet and everything is still very new to them and he was having regular bowl movements, dirtying his diaper on average 8 – 10 times a day with no major issues. But one night, his crying was so bad he… WE were up all night. I would rub his stomach for him and he would calm down a bit, but as soon as I stopped, he would start bawling again. I knew then that something was not right.

As a lactose intolerant mother myself, I know what it feels like when I have dairy products, but as a grown adult I can deal with it after indulging in an icecream cone or a nice piece of pizza here and there. But an infant… my heart goes out to him. From what I can gather, it seems as if Nathan is allergic to milk and reacts mildly to it. Slight rash, stomach discomfort, vomiting sour milk and a constant stuffy nose which causes him to breath really heavily, especially when feeding.

As of the other day, I stopped eating dairy products and we switched his formula to Similac which is lactose and soy free of all milk products. At first we noticed a slight difference in his appearance after a feeding but now, after 2 days, he has no rashes and slowly he’s fussing less. 2 nights in a row he slept very well. Unfortunately for me, now I’m going to have to really watch what I eat and no more indulging in late night ice coffees, ice creams or pizza. I guess I’m being forced to start eating better.


3 Responses

  1. I had never heard of this before…but it makes total sense. Glad you figured it out…I would have been freaking out and driving to the hospital.

  2. it’s amazing what you can find on the internet 🙂
    the only reason i was so calm was because my nephew has milk allergies so i knew the symptoms. just to be safe, we’re going to the dr’s tomorrow to get him tested.

  3. Poor Nate! I was just like him as a baby, my mum wasnt quite as aware as you were and I was a premature baby and I keep projectile vomitting after being fed formulae so much so people avoid touching me after a feed, it took my parents over a month to seek help but when they did I finally started putting on weight, I was given enriched soy milk formulae.

    Are you doing a combinations feeding of breast and formulae? I have to give Ryan 2 formulae feeds a days as he need extra help to put on weight and rest of the feeds are 2 hourly breast feeds. Hopefully Ryan would have put on 6 oz by Thursday (1oz weight gain per day is required from him)

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