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September 22, 2010

I use to think that leggings were only for girls … that was until I came across Knotty Baby Wear on Etsy and FELL IN LOVE with the leggings for boys! Did I mention how much I LOVE them! Just love them!

Not only are they ubber cute, but you don’t have to take them off when you change their diapers. I’ve managed to dirty a few pairs of pants when I put them too close to a dirty bum or when my little guy decided to surprise me with a little yellow sprinkling.


DIY Diaper Pad
September 17, 2010

Today stumbled across a great blog by Yellow Mums who posted on this great diaper pad created by chickpea sewing studio. I know, what’s so great about a diaper pad ~ but just take a look-see… what I love most about this diaper pad is it’s cotton lining instead of the usual vinyl wipeable pads. As convenient as wipeable pads are, my little guy hates them. He slips and slides across it whenever I change him, and the cold non-fabric rubbing against his butt really ticks him off which means I have a screaming kicking and punching baby to deal with while trying to handle his business in public.

It’s also so very cute and chic! Perfect travel diaper pad for the chic mums out there.

What do you think? Chic or Meek?


Trick Or Treat
September 14, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner. Nate may not know what candy is, or what a costume is and what happens on halloween… but I do and it’s about time I started taking advantage of the goodies filled day again. Truth is, I’m not excited for the candy or the parties, rather I just want to get Nathan all dressed up and enjoy his ubber cuteness in silly costumes.

Ed and I were out this weekend looking at halloween costumes for Nathan, but we couldn’t find anything in his size. There’s not much out there for infants. That’s when I came across these cuties.

They’re from Sweetpeatoadtots off Etsy and they’re absolutely adorable. Haven’t decided on what to get him just yet but for halloween he’ll be past 2 months so he’ll be a little easier to dress and take around. Can’t wait! Fall season is just around the corner which means I have to look forward to trips to the farm, pumpkin patches, thanksgiving dinners and pretty fall clothes!

Swing Into It
September 13, 2010

As much as I love holding and cuddling my little guy, when I have other things that need to get done around the house the constant attention is hard to provide. Not only that, but I want him to learn how to fall asleep on his own without having to be put to bed. So … Toys R Us is having a huge sale right now and after much debate, we finally decided to purchase a baby swing. Because our place is so small and space is limited as is, we had to ensure the swing we got was compact but still durable and sturdy. That’s exactly what we got with the Bright Stars portable swing which is currently on sale for $60!

Talk about bang for the buck!!
At first he had a hard time falling asleep on his own still even in the swing, but once he falls asleep and I put him in the swing, he has no problems staying asleep or putting himself back to sleep if he wakes up. I guess the swinging motion really does help to sooth him. Here’s the little guy in action as we speak …

I highly recommend this swing if you’re just looking for a simple swing with no fancy gagets or trinkets. It swings, plays music and is super small and compact, folds up for easy storage or for travel and is super cute and durable!

Zo-Li it Up
September 10, 2010

My cousin came by a few days ago with her baby girl and when it came to feeding time, she pulled out an interesting contraption I’d never seen before. A formula/snack dispenser. I instantly fell in love with the idea of a formula dispenser and when I came across this one from Zo-Li, I had to have it!

Nathan is mainly breast-fed, but we started to top of my breast milk with formula to flush out his jaundice and now just out of pure midnight convenience, we’re sticking to a bottle of formula a day. This way Ed can feed him at night without waking me if I haven’t pumped breast milk or when we go out just out of pure convenience. The idea that we can carry around pre-measured formula along with snacks for the baby is ingenius!

Not only that, but Zo-Li has another product that I fell in love with. If you’re like me and afraid to cut your infants nails in fear of cutting their fragile skin, and filing manually is just so time consuming, then you’ll love this. Buzz B baby nail trimmer. The battery-operated Buzz B nail trimmer features four different cushioned pads, two speeds and an oscillating action that’s gentle enough for baby’s skin. I want!