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September 22, 2010

I use to think that leggings were only for girls … that was until I came across Knotty Baby Wear on Etsy and FELL IN LOVE with the leggings for boys! Did I mention how much I LOVE them! Just love them!

Not only are they ubber cute, but you don’t have to take them off when you change their diapers. I’ve managed to dirty a few pairs of pants when I put them too close to a dirty bum or when my little guy decided to surprise me with a little yellow sprinkling.


Baby Boy Styles
July 19, 2010

My girlfriend had her baby shower for her soon to be little girl yesterday afternoon and after going to my first baby girl baby shower, I was just blown away by how cute little girls outfits are. Made me want a little girl so badly … just so I can put her in cute little outfits, have shopping spree dates with my daughter, salon dates, nail dates … girly chit chat dates, talk about boys and …. well things I can’t really do with my son. Everytime we see a little girl, my husband and I just ohhh and ahhh at their girly cuteness and melt!

Don’t get me wrong, we’re EXTREMELY excited and happy and over the moon about having Nathan first! I always wanted a boy first, but next … yes we’re already thinking of a next … we really do have our hearts set on a girl. Although we do want another boy as well … LOL. To be completely honest, I don’t care – as long as we have healthy kids who grow up healthy and strong and happy! But we do want a larger family and kids running around here and there for as long as we can and a little girl in the mix would be nice!

But back to the girly outfit thing … seeing all the cute little girly outfits made my heart melt a little and with all the “ohhh…so cute’s” and “omg – that’s adorable’s”, I came home and started looking for cute boy outfits so I can get the same reaction looking at boy clothes! Although girls have more accessories, boys do have their share of wonderfully cute and styling outfits. Here are a few of my favorites! Hats are a must… so cute!

Week 27, Day 6
May 27, 2010

I relate to balloons

With it being over 35degrees yesterday, I put on my summer maxi dress and looked in the mirror to see my belly had ballooned to a new astonishing size. I guess being a couple days away from my 7th month, 28th week makes me a target for baby expansion x 2. Although I waddle now more than I walk, have trouble turning side to side when I lay down and my nightly bathroom visits are slowly increasing making night time sleeping a task on its own, I’m really enjoying this new phase of the pregnancy.

The last stretch before the last stretch my doctor likes to call it.

I’m enjoying the idea of meeting baby T now, really getting anxious and dreaming constantly of what he’s going to look like, what he’s going to be like and what having a son will be like for Edward and I. We’re already thinking of having another as soon as we can afterwards as we would love to have our kids … depending on how many we have, similar in age. It’s definitely been a journey, kind of sad it’s going to end soon… but then again, I’m constantly getting bigger and soon may not seen soon enough when I gain another 5-10lbs in the remaining 12 wks!

With the hot summer weather comes busy weekends full of bday parties, bbq’s, weddings, baby showers and more weddings….

My cousin who is just a few weeks pregnant herself is getting married in 3 weeks and I have nothing to wear for her wedding. I’ve been looking at maternity dresses, but they’re all so ugly and stupid expensive for something I can only wear once, or twice. So I started looking at normal dresses with some belly give. I’m a big fan of maxi dresses so I was checking a few out… who knew Lauren Conrad was maxi dress queen! what to get, what to get….

Week 22, Day 1
April 16, 2010

After debating for months and trying to figure out what I want to do with my time before the baby arrives in the next 4-ish months, out of the blue I received an email last night from an old client of mine. When she first moved into her house I met with her a couple times to consult and give her design ideas on her space – now she wants to action them out. Good timing or bad??? I informed her of my situation and it actually works out perfect as she wants to work on 1 room at a time. I figure for a 3 bedroom house I can finish a room in a months time at most and finish the project before August hits when I’m at my largest ready to pop. So I booked a meeting with her. God is good… He gave me something to do! I haven’t worked on any design projects since my pregnancy, mainly because I was bed ridden and too sick to even move so this will help me get back into the game and let my creative juices flow once again.

22 weeks in now and lately I’ve been frequenting ETSY! I want to get one of these adorable organic cotton hats from Cite Fuzz

Papa T loves the little jazz hats with the brim and I’m gaga over the bear ears 🙂
Being that we’ll need something warm for the baby T’s head this winter, I’m thinking of picking a couple of these up.

And tell me this isn’t one of the cutest outfits ever … ok and that sofa is pretty awesome too!

The tie tshirts from We Choose Joy are so fun.

These boys are pimp’en with their matching tie tshirts and hats. I’m loving it.