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Week 38, Day 4
August 10, 2010

Nursery Update

Ok … this is the 3rd and final change to the nursery. My nesting instincts are a little out of control and Ed has forced me to stop moving things around in my condition. The nursery is tiny so there isn’t much you can do in there but functionally I think this layout works best for me. Crib and arm chair next to each other and the dresser/change table + side table next to each other. It’s still a little empty looking, no pictures on the walls, no decor on the walls just white paint but that we plan on changing after Nathan arrives. We have so many picture frames ready it’s actually quite ridiculous.

As per your request Jenny … here are some photos of the nursery 🙂 Excuse the horrible image qualities … I seriously need to get my DSLR back!

Now all I need to do is tidy up in there a bit and organize things so it stops looking like our storage room. I need to put away his diapers and fill the bookshelf with books for him, purchase a little basket to put his little toys into as they’re all laying in his crib right now, and finish putting away his baby clothes and stuff into the closet. Other than that, the rest of the finishing touches will come once he arrives such as pictures and wall decor. With less than a week left … it’s crunch time!


Week 33, Day 4
July 6, 2010

the nursery is slowly but surely coming together. it’s a small room, but it’s definitely starting to feel cozy and warm. ed goes inside everyday, i think he’s still trying to obsorb the fact that we’re going to have a little man living in here in a few weeks.

and without further adue … let me introduce you to baby nathan…

i went in to do my 3D ultrasound at 33 wks and i thought it would be better to go in later in my pregnancy but i was wrong. the best time to go in for a 3D image is between 25-30 weeks when the baby still has room to move so you can get different angles of his face. nathan was pretty tightly packed inside me at 33 wks so we were very limited in what angles we got but he did show us some very cute stuff… he yawned, tried to shove both his fists into his mouth at one time and even gave us a smile which was all caught on DVD. definitely a memorable experience and i’m so glad we did it!

the shower is in less than a week and my girlfriends came by last night to help me put little things together. i don’t know what it is, but lately i’ve been so tired. and with this crazy heat wave we’re having, i’m constantly drinking water which doesn’t help my 2min pee sessions!

only 6 weeks remaining now and it feels a little surreal. it’s starting to hit me that i’m going to be a mother now, not just a carrier of a baby in my belly and this baby is going to be with me for the rest of my life! an exciting yet scary feeling. i didn’t think i’d get this nervous but i admit, i’m freaking out a little. ahhh……

Week 26, Day 4
May 18, 2010

Nursery Decals

It’s been confirmed, Friday we’re going to finalize all the small details on the new place. This means, I can start planning out the nursery now… going in Friday fully equip with a measuring tape, book and pencil! Now I can start what I do best.

Currently all the walls are white, and I’m thinking of keeping them that way. I’m not big into boy colors like blue rooms but I do want it to look somewhat boyish since all his furnishings will be white as well. If you don’t know already, I’m crazy about white! I came across these cute wall decals on Etsy and I thought they would be really cute and a great alternative to painting the walls. Easily applied, and easily removed.

I love Etsy. I love the fact that you’re supporting local artists (local somewhere) and small personal businesses. I also found these adorable art work for kids, I want to get a few and hang them up in the nursery.

Nursery Ideas
March 29, 2010

As a designer, the look and feel of the nursery where I will be spending most of my time in the next 4.5 months is where most of my attention is at now that we’ve found out baby tiger’s sex. Since my baby tiger won’t know the difference between an Eames rocker or a baby blue room vs a pink one, really the nursery design is mostly for me. A place that I can feel at east and comfortable and a place where my baby tiger can rest his head and feel safe.

Here are a few great nursery photos I found very inspiring.

The mother and designer of this beautifully designed nursery said ” If people have the possibility and the inclination to have a baby room that can also be functional into toddlerhood but not necessary until the kid is 15, then parents should go for it. Babies and toddlers are magical and they (as well as their parents) should enjoy that stage as much as possible without rushing the whole thing”. I agree. One thing I love about this room is that it has a day bed instead of a rocker or glider. I’m leaning more towards a love seat sofa or a daybed myself in my tigers nursery. That way I can comfortably stretch my legs if I need to and take a nap 🙂 Plus I can have girlfriends come sit with me and chit chat while I feed or put my baby to sleep.

This nursery was designed by dad! Wholly designed by dad! Daddy Lee does not have a single designer/creative bone in his body so when I saw this creation I was very impressed. I must say it is a very boyish room, but the fact that he took into consideration spacing, comfort and design is impressive to say the least.

I love the brightness in this space!