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DIY Diaper Pad
September 17, 2010

Today stumbled across a great blog by Yellow Mums who posted on this great diaper pad created by chickpea sewing studio. I know, what’s so great about a diaper pad ~ but just take a look-see… what I love most about this diaper pad is it’s cotton lining instead of the usual vinyl wipeable pads. As convenient as wipeable pads are, my little guy hates them. He slips and slides across it whenever I change him, and the cold non-fabric rubbing against his butt really ticks him off which means I have a screaming kicking and punching baby to deal with while trying to handle his business in public.

It’s also so very cute and chic! Perfect travel diaper pad for the chic mums out there.

What do you think? Chic or Meek?



Stop The Leakage
September 14, 2010

Sunday evening we had a korean bbq / sushi dinner at my parents place for my brother who is turning 25 today. Happy Birthday Little Bro. My father was out in the backyard bbq’ing it up when his next door neighbour came out and we all got a talking … I was probably out there for no more than a few minutes when I went back in to check up on little Nathan. As I walked inside, I went into the powder room to wash my hands and in the bathroom mirror I notice something strange. I take a closer look and realize I had totally leaked through my shirt and there was a big wet stain on my right breast! I must have been talking to my parents neighbour, whom I should mention is a man, leaking breast milk!


Leaking in the privacy of my own home is one thing, but leaking in public or in front of family and friends is another thing. I was so embarassed, I don’t think I can ever look at him the same again and I’m sure the same goes for him. How uncomfortable he must have been talking to me as a stain started to appear on my boob! Ahhhh…..!

I use the breast pads, but my milk flow is so heavy I just leak right through them. So I’ve been looking for a leak proof bra when I came across these cute Lily Padz.

Invented by a mother of three, LilyPadz are these ultra-thin, breathable, and latex-free silicone rubber nursing pads that act like a second skin. In addition, they’re flexible, breathable, and nearly invisible under clothing. They protect the nipple from excess moisture, rubbing and sticking as is commonly experienced with cotton pads.

Instead of absorbing milk leakage, they actually prevent the milk from leaking in the first place. Recommended by the leading Breastfeeding specialist, each pack contains a pair of two Lilypadz that can be washed and re-used. They work by moulding themselves to your breast, so comfortable & invisible you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them – perfect for under eveningwear and for swimming too! They’re ultra-thin, flexible, breathable and soft – much better than traditional, bulky breastpads!

I’m planning on purchasing a few of these pads. Each pad is suppose to last up to 2 months given proper care. Beats paying almost hundreds of dollars on leakproof nursing bras which was my second choice before I came across these beauties.

To Have & To Hold
August 10, 2010

This is my diaper bag that I received as a gift from my baby shower. It’s great, water proof, leak proof, space and pockets for everything including baby bottles and all my mommy needs as well (cell phone, wallet, make up etc…). Very functional. As I was packing some stuff away in the diaper bag, I really fell in love with the big mommy bag concept. I’m not one for small things – I like my bags and purses like I like my men … Big & Sturdy! 🙂

Now I have an excuse to purchase some nice big mommy bags, it’s a necessity! My brother works at Burberry so I might call him up for this little number… the Tracy Burberry Check Tote Bag.