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I’m having a craving…
September 21, 2010

can you guess what it is?


Milk Be GONE
September 21, 2010

A few days ago when I was nursing Nate, his face started to get red, he couldn’t breath, was gagging while spitting up his breast milk all over the place while trying to scream all at the same time. I completely freaked out. I didn’t know what to do and I had no idea what was going on. Seeing him in so much discomfort broke my heart and I felt absolutely helpless. That’s when things started to make sense to me…

First there were signs of small rashes around his mouth which would spread to his cheeks and eventually even around his eyes. I noticed they would appear during and or right after a feeding. A couple minutes or a couple hours later they would simply disapear as if they were never even there. But as soon as he fed again, they’d make their magical appearance. I don’t think the rashes bothered him though, he never scratched at them or was aggitated in anyway.

Then…the anquish during a bowl movement or passing of gas. His face would turn red, his breathing got heavy and he would scream and cry in pure frustration. This would go on for a while until he felt comfortable again and as quick as it came, it would go away and he would be fast asleep with a smile on his face as if nothing even happened. I wasn’t so worried about the pressure as I’ve been told infants do this during the first few months of life since their digestive systems airn’t fully developed yet and everything is still very new to them and he was having regular bowl movements, dirtying his diaper on average 8 – 10 times a day with no major issues. But one night, his crying was so bad he… WE were up all night. I would rub his stomach for him and he would calm down a bit, but as soon as I stopped, he would start bawling again. I knew then that something was not right.

As a lactose intolerant mother myself, I know what it feels like when I have dairy products, but as a grown adult I can deal with it after indulging in an icecream cone or a nice piece of pizza here and there. But an infant… my heart goes out to him. From what I can gather, it seems as if Nathan is allergic to milk and reacts mildly to it. Slight rash, stomach discomfort, vomiting sour milk and a constant stuffy nose which causes him to breath really heavily, especially when feeding.

As of the other day, I stopped eating dairy products and we switched his formula to Similac which is lactose and soy free of all milk products. At first we noticed a slight difference in his appearance after a feeding but now, after 2 days, he has no rashes and slowly he’s fussing less. 2 nights in a row he slept very well. Unfortunately for me, now I’m going to have to really watch what I eat and no more indulging in late night ice coffees, ice creams or pizza. I guess I’m being forced to start eating better.

Umbilical Hernia
September 20, 2010

When Nathan’s belly button fell off I was so happy that it fell off clean, but when the little lump where the stump used to be didn’t go down, I started to get worried. So I did a little research and realized that Nathan has an umbilical hernias which are common in newborns and infants younger than 6 months. They occur when part of the intestines bulge through the abdominal wall next to the belly button. In babies with umbilical hernias, you may see bulging around the belly button area when the baby cries. With Nathan, when I push his belly button in, it goes flat but when he’s pressuring to dirty his diaper or to cry it comes out again. Unlike other types of hernias, umbilical hernias may heal on their own, usually by the time a baby is 1 year old. If not, surgery can repair the hernia.

Has anyone else had to deal with umbilical hernias with infants? I really hope his goes in naturally on its own. Surgery on a baby is something I want to avoid at all costs.

Want to Kill The Romance In Your Marriage, Have A Baby…
September 17, 2010

“It is very important for new parents to set aside time for each other.”

A familiar phrase I played on repeat to every new and or soon-to-be parent out there, but now that I’m a new mum, I need to practise what I’ve been preaching. I’ve come to realize that my BABY BLUES came from the fact that my life has now changed forever. Not in a bad way, but in a different way, especially in my marriage. Within the past month, I’ve noticed that my relationship with my husband has taken a back seat to the baby and rightfully so. He’s the number 1 priority in our lives right now and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with, is that my marriage feels like it’s dropped off the number scale and is priority non existent!

Don’t get me wrong, the hubs has been great and is making an extreme effort to do what he feels is helping me out as a newly stay at home mom with an infant. Because I can’t care for myself during the day while I’m taking care of the baby, he tries to get home early from work so he can help out around the house. He does the dishes, has no problems picking up food or things I crave, does the laundry and is great with our little guy. He’s a fantastic father, an extremely supportive husband in his own right BUT…and yes there’s a BIG but… I’m not getting what I need as a woman, as his wife.

So here lies the problem.

1.Communication. I’m home all day with a 1 month old. The extent of my communication doesn’t go beyond diapering, feeding, cutie pie talk with someone who just looks at you with blank vacant eyes. I might as well be talking to the wall. So imagine my delight when I have another adult in the room with me whom understands words, but, in my case I might as well be talking to a wall because my husband has the same blank vacant stare his son gives me. After a long day at work, I suppose “communicating” is the last thing on his mind. He just wants to fill his empty stomach and rest his heavy eyes where as I want to finally have some sort of adult interaction.

2.Date Night. Ok, we never really had date night before the baby but we did do outings which we don’t can’t do anymore without the baby. And when the baby tags along, I find myself nursing him in the backseat of the car or spending more time in the bathroom feeding and changing his diapers rather than enjoying time with my husband. We walk separately because one walks with the stroller and one will lead the way. We always have something in our hands other than each others hands, usually a diaper bag or a pacifier. Our attention is on the baby which means it’s not on each other.

3.Physical Affection. The nightly back rubs and foot rubs I used to get when I was pregnant has disappeared. Truth is, physically, I’m more tired and in more pain now, but my husband doesn’t see me waddle around with a 10 pound lump on me anymore so he doesn’t see my discomfort. When we lay down at night while the baby sleeps, all we want to do is sleep. And if we even make an attempt to cuddle, we’re quickly torn apart by a crying hungry or dirty baby. A brief kiss good bye before work is the extent of our physical affection. Not only that but the lack of sex has played a toll as well.

So what to do…what to do… the more time passes by, the more I find myself falling into a deeper depression and anger starts to build towards my husband. The once urge to find romance again is slowly being replaced by the feeling of let down and slowly I feel my white flag come out.

Baby Belly Jelly
September 16, 2010

Jello is great, but NOT when it’s wrapped around your waist! Someone should have warned me that my stomach would look and feel like a deflated balloon after delivery. 4 weeks in and most of my baby belly fat has disappeared, but what’s remaining really scares me. A not so little pot belly that jiggles with every giggle and skin that hangs like drapes off my waist.

Much like most new moms, I’ve been told not to exercise or do anything physically stressful until I’ve seen my doctor at my postnatal appointment and have been given the GREEN light to start working out. But I can’t wait! I need to do something, this jelly belly is killing me. If you ever want motivation to start working out, have a baby. The before image may be glowing and beautiful, but trust you me, the after image is a serious kick in the butt to hit the gym.